Yogurt and apple cake

Recipe for a yogurt and apple sponge cake, to prepare a breakfast or a snack, it is very tasty, it is easy to prepare and everyone likes it.

Salmon terrine

Salmon terrine

The salmon tub that we prepare today is ideal to serve as a starter at any celebration, since it can be prepared in advance.

Pasta, chicken and prawn soup

Pasta, chicken and prawn soup

The pasta, chicken and prawn soup that we prepare today is very complete and nutritious. A comforting dish for cold or unpleasant days.

Chicken soup

Homemade chicken broth, a perfect dish as a hot first dish that we can prepare with pasta or rice, or as a very rich consommé !!!

Bio rice mix with tofu and vegetables

Do you like rice and organic food? Well, discover the recipe for organic rice with tofu and vegetables, you will suck your fingers and it is very healthy. Step by step recipe


Txintxorta, a winter sweet

The txintxorta is a sweet that is made with products of the pig slaughter such as chicharrones. It is known by different names.

Two-color sponge cake

Two-color sponge cake, a simple, fluffy and easy-to-prepare homemade sweet, for a snack or breakfast is great. Sure you like it !!!

Marine fideua

This seafood fideua that we present to you today can be an ideal dish to make when you have friends or family visiting your home.

Asparagus quiche

A recipe for asparagus quiche or savory tart, a dish that can be prepared for an informal dinner and surprise our friends.

Mushroom cream

Mushroom cream

Today in Cooking Recipes we are preparing a simple mushroom cream for the whole family. Ideal as a first course, it is simple and quick to prepare.

White cabbage salad

This white coleslaw is delicious and very low in calories. If you like salads and want to try a different one, prepare this one. You'll love it!

Mini chocolate napolitans

Mini chocolate napolitans

The mini chocolate napolitans that we prepare today are simple and quick to make. Ideal to accompany coffee at breakfast or snack.

Classic risotto

Who more and who less has ever made a classic risotto, or at least has tried. If you follow this recipe it will be delicious.

Tuna and pepper pie

Tuna and pepper pie

Today we prepare in Kitchen Recipes a classic of our gastronomy: tuna and pepper patty. Fine and juicy, perfect for a weekend dinner.

Avocado stuffed with tuna

Avocado stuffed with tuna

The recipe that we propose, avocado stuffed with tuna in oil, is very simple to prepare and serves as a starter or second course.

Hake fillets with ratatouille

Hake fillets with ratatouille

Today we cook in Kitchen Recipes frozen hake fillets with ratatouille, a very complete dish ideal to incorporate into your family dinners

Spiced Cauliflower Scramble

Our Spiced Cauliflower Scramble is an ideal meal for dinners and light meals. Because of its low calorie content, it is good for diets.

Orange sponge cake

An orange cake with chocolate chips, very healthy since it contains orange juice and it is a rich and very juicy cake.

Sirloin chopped in sauce

This recipe that we present today is designed for the most carnivores. It is a sirloin chopped in sauce garnished with potatoes. Very rich!

Loin with caramelized onion

This tenderloin with caramelised onion will delight everyone: it is delicious, it is a very tasty meat and it is also a very simple dish to make.

Puff pastry star with Nutella

Puff pastry star with Nutella, a simple and quick recipe, a delight for the little ones in the house. Here you have how to do it.

Homemade San Jacobos

These delicious homemade San Jacobos can be a simple meal to make and also very helpful when we do not have a dinner or lunch plan. Do you feel like it?

Churrasco cured with spices

In this dish there are two main ingredients: churrasco meat and cured cheese, without forgetting the spicy touch that makes each dish a different delicacy.

Roast chicken with brussels sprouts

Roast chicken with brussels sprouts

This roast chicken with Brussels sprouts is simple and convenient to prepare; ideal for the next Christmas parties. Let the oven do the work for you.

Mushroom and walnut risotto

Mushroom and walnut risotto

Today in Kitchen Recipes we are preparing a creamy mushroom and walnut risotto, very typical of this time of year. Do you dare to try it?

White bean stew

This rich white bean stew is what you should eat if you want your body to receive the most nutrients from a legume.

Chocolate volcano

A recipe for a chocolate volcano or chocolate coulant, a delicious dessert for chocolatiers. A very simple homemade dessert to prepare.

Almond cake

The almond cake or Santiago cake, is a typical dessert of Galicia, it is a very rich and tasty sponge cake with a delicious almond flavor. You will like!!!

Paella from the Coast

Our recipe today is ideal to make it those days when we have a visit from friends or family. It is rare that a good paella does not appeal to everyone.

Mashed potatoes with tuna

A recipe for mashed potatoes with tuna, a very complete homemade hot dish that will appeal to young and old alike. You want to try it !!!

Pumpkin Vanilla Cream Cups

Pumpkin Vanilla Cream Cups

These pumpkin vanilla cream cups are an original way to present pumpkin as a dessert. Do you dare to prepare them?

Garlic and coconut milk soup

Garlic and coconut milk soup

We encourage you to prepare this garlic soup with coconut milk. An intense and aromatic soup perfect to tone the body during winter.

Green soybean stew

A delicious recipe for green soybean stew, a rich and healthy legume, very similar to lentils, a very nutritious spoon dish. You will like!!!

Honey and walnut cake

Honey and walnut cake

This honey and walnut cake that we prepare today is simple and fast. Ideal to accompany coffee or tea in the afternoon, don't you think?

Hazelnut brownie

A recipe for brownie with hazelnuts, a homemade chocolate cake, a typical American dessert, rich and simple. Go ahead and prepare it !!!

Baked Macaroni

Recipe for baked macaroni gratin, a very complete and simple dish to prepare where the little ones will enjoy eating.

Leek and bacon cake

Leek and bacon cake

This bacon and leek cake is easy to make and can be served both hot and cold. On bread toast or as a second course, try it!

Galician-style morro

A recipe for Morro a la Gallega, a dish very similar to Galician octopus, typical of Galician taverns where they prepare it delicious. You will like.

Mini chocolate filled croissants

Puff pastry croissants filled with chocolate cream, a simple recipe that we can prepare without difficulty and that everyone will like. Try it !!!

BBQ rib with rice

BBQ rib with rice

Today we are preparing roasted rib with barbecue sauce, a recipe with an intense flavor and a spicy point that we will serve with white rice.

Microwave pumpkin flan

Microwave pumpkin flan recipe, rich and very easy to prepare, for a dessert it is very good, due to its soft and sweet texture. It will like you!!!

Mediterranean risotto

Mediterranean risotto

The Mediterranean risotto with dried tomatoes, zucchini and oregano is a very aromatic and intense dish in terms of flavor. Do you try it?

Chocolate jelly with biscuit

Chocolate jelly with biscuit

The chocolate jelly with biscuit that we prepare today is a very useful dessert. Simple and quick to prepare, it is liked by both children and adults.

Meatballs in onion sauce

Recipe for meatballs in sauce, a homemade recipe with a sauce for dipping bread, which everyone will like at home, try it, you will like it !!

Anchovies battered with lemon

Anchovies battered with lemon

Battered anchovies are one of those dishes that conquer for their simplicity. Accompanied with lemon they can become a great dinner.

Sponge cake with yogurt

A homemade recipe for sponge cake with yogurt, ideal for breakfasts, snacks or even as a base to make a birthday cake.

Sweetened sweet potatoes

These sweetened sweet potatoes will delight the sweetest in the house. It is a traditional dessert that we have wanted to bring to Cooking Recipes

Galician octopus with potatoes

A recipe for octopus with Galician potatoes, a typical Galician dish, which you cannot miss at parties and fairs, here you have how to prepare it, step by step.

Squid in beer sauce

Squid in beer sauce is a different dish where the sauce has a very good flavor, which you are sure to like.

Cookies filled with flan

Biscuits stuffed with flan, a great grandmother's recipe, a very simple homemade dessert to prepare and with a great result.

Puff pastry pie with tuna

A recipe for a puff pastry filled with tuna, a simple and quick dish to prepare, for a dinner or to take on an excursion, it looks great !!!

Zucchini and mushroom pie

The other day we presented you with an ideal recipe for children to eat more vegetables. It was a cake ...

Eggplants Cake

Today's recipe is ideal for everyone but especially for those who are on a diet and start ...

Potato and zucchini omelette

The traditional recipe for potato omelette with zucchini, a soft, juicy and very healthy omelette, which you are sure to like.

Eggplant as pizza

The recipe that we bring you today has several strong points that invite you to make it for this very night: It is simple ...

Almond flan with caramel

Almond flan with caramel sauce

This almond flan with caramel sauce is a great dessert. It is suitable for the lactose intolerant and does not contain eggs!

Seafood paella

A seafood paella recipe, with some good ingredients we can prepare a good and simple dish of our Spanish gastronomy. Take note.

Meat Stuffed Potato Pumps

Recipe of bombs filled with meat with a spicy touch, a rich and easy to prepare tapa or skewer, it is worth it. Try it !!!

Turkey and zucchini stuffed peppers

Turkey and zucchini stuffed peppers

Today we make some peppers stuffed with turkey, cabbage and zucchini in the oven and serve them with tomato sauce and grated queao. The tests?

Banana and nutella mug cake

Banana and nutella mug cake

Mug cakes are small cupcakes, about the size of a cup, made in the microwave. A simple and fast way to present a dessert.

Harvesting homemade pudding

A homemade pudding of use, a simple and delicious recipe, where you will take advantage of the pastries that have remained dry. I encourage you to try it !!!

Chicken thighs in red wine

A recipe for chicken thighs in sauce with red wine, a classic of our Spanish cuisine, a very simple dish. Try it you will like it.

Hladod with blueberries and goat cheese

Blueberry and goat cheese ice cream

This blueberry and goat cheese ice cream that we prepare today in Cooking Recipes will surprise you with its creaminess, flavor and color. Try it this summer!

Cold melon soup with ham

A cold melon and ham soup, another way to eat fruit, a healthy and simple dish to prepare. A delicious starter for the summer.You will like it !!

Potato, bacon and cheese cake

A potato cake with bacon and cheese, a homemade recipe, simple and easy to prepare, that the whole family will like. I encourage you to try it.

Yogurt, raspberry and honey cups

Yogurt, raspberry and honey cups

The yogurt, raspberry and honey glasses that we present today are easy and quick to prepare. A light and fresh dessert for the whole family.

Yogurt cake with fruits

A yogurt cake with fruits, light and not complicated, we can prepare it with the fruits that we like the most, it is a very healthy and rich dessert.

Cold pasta salad

The recipes for cold pasta salads are very simple and fast, you can prepare it with the vegetables that you like the most. Proof is that you will like it.

Fried zucchini

Fried zucchini

Everyone knows that vegetables are what people tend to like least, and courgettes are ...


Salmorejo recipe, very fresh and loaded with vitamins, it is a very complete dish and as a starter it is very good, so I encourage you to try it.

Cream flan without oven

A cream flan without an oven, rich and easy to prepare, do you want to know how it is prepared? Enter and you will see how easy it is to make this flan with cream, you will like it !!!

Eggplant Lasagna

A very good aubergine lasagna, it is a very complete dish accompanied by a salad, we can make it as a single dish, you will surely like it.

Cherry and rum syrup

Cherry and rum syrup

Cherry and rum syrup This syrup is perfect to accompany your favorite desserts or cakes. Also the result ...

Fried chicken balls

Today we present an ideal recipe for all audiences: from the smallest to the most adult. Is a…

Sponge cake with cherries

A tender and juicy cake with cherries, rich for breakfast or a snack, full of vitamins, with much healthier fruit, you will like it.

Eggplant stuffed with meat

Aubergines stuffed with meat is an ideal recipe for the whole family, especially when we have guests at home ...

Frankfurt flamenquins

Frankfurt sausages are very popular in sandwiches, or as so-called hot dogs, but these rolls with cheese and batters are very good.

Dressed potatoes

I love fresh recipes like the ones we present today! It is about potatoes seasoned with different vegetables ...

Easy white asparagus cream

Easy white asparagus cream

Easy white asparagus cream There are times when you want something healthy and it doesn't give us a lot of work….


Ajoblanco from Almería

Ajoblanco de Almería This recipe is typical of the province of Almería, it is an entable based on ...

Fried Onion Rings

The recipe that we present today serves as a garnish for another dish or as a small "tapas" before a dish ...

Marinated chicken

Making pickled chicken is the easiest, and very versatile. It is as good when it is hot with spaghetti as it is when it is cold in salad.

Cauliflower, potato and celery soup

Cauliflower, potato and celery soup

This cauliflower, potato and celery cream is simple to prepare and very nutritious. You can serve it as a first course at lunch or as a single dish at dinner.

Chocolate bundt cake

If you like chocolate a lot, you cannot miss this Bundt cake. This cake is so fluffy and juicy that it will make your mouth water.


Hummus is an Arabic recipe well known throughout the world. Doing it is very simple, you just have to crush the ingredients and we can enjoy it.

Romanescu cupcakes

You are going to love these romanescu cupcakes. They are baked so we do not add any oil and the cheese that is in it provides a delicious flavor.

Puff pastry boats with quail egg

These puff pastry boats are very easy to prepare and are delicious. In just 30 'we will have them ready, you just have to choose which ingredients to put.

Artisan chocolate donuts

It's thinking of the word 'donuts' and the 'dreaded' (by all) industrial bakery comes to my mind. Of…

Meat and pepper pie

Do you like empanadas? This one that I bring you is 100% homemade and very simple to make ... It is enough to have a ...

Homemade tartar sauce

Homemade tartar sauce

Homemade tartar sauce At home we have been very fans of tartar sauce, and well we still are. Is he…

Rice and cheese salad

The almost arrival of summer brings with it the desire for light and healthy recipes. This rice and cheese salad is a good example of that.

Roasted apple with cheesecake

Roasted apple with cheesecake Let's put together the richest thing in this world, the roasted apple and the cheesecake! That…

Broccoli and potato soup

Broccoli and Potato Soup

This broccoli and potato soup, in addition to being light and nutritious, is very easy to prepare; Ideal to start any meal.

Peach crumble

Peach crumble

The peach crumble is a great proposal as a seasonal dessert. It can be served alone or with ice cream and / or a very cold custard.

Coriander pesto

  We are very fans of pesto, both the classic basil, and those that emerge after experimentation. This recipe…

Candied orange

Candied orange

Candied oranges There is nothing I like more than a homemade sponge cake topped with candied orange. It's something so ...

Japanese cheese cake

Japanese cheese cake Cheese at home drives us crazy, whether in its salty or sweet version. Make…

Rice with squid in American sauce

The rice with squid in American sauce is my salvation because it couldn't be easier. If you have a few cans of squid you have the food resolved.

Cauliflower and cheese cupcakes

These cauliflower cupcakes are delicious, no one would say that their main ingredient is cauliflower so they are ideal for the little ones.

Green asparagus omelette

Green asparagus is a vegetable both loved and hated by many, perhaps due to its special flavor. But…

Chicken and zucchini noodles

Chicken and zucchini noodles

This chicken and zucchini noodle recipe is simple and nutritious. It is also accompanied by a very special dressing, try it!

Homemade Fried Tomato Sauce

Making homemade tomato sauce is more than recommended because it has nothing to do with the commercial, more flavor and great quality. It is also very easy.

Potato wedges

The potato wedges are made in the oven in a very simple and light way. The spices will add a special touch to these crispy golden potatoes.

Fried marinated chicken

Personally, I've been very tired lately of eating chicken meat. It has become somewhat insipid and its flavor every ...

Roasted vegetables in the oven

Roasted vegetables are the perfect garnish. As they are roasted, they barely have fat, which makes them very light, perfect for taking care of the diet.

strawberry crumble

Strawberry crumble

Strawberry crumble The origin of this quick and easy sweet cake is from England. The first time I ...

Lemon Spice Chicken Thighs

These chicken drumsticks with lemon and spices that we bring you in today's recipe are perfect to make ...

homemade custard

Homemade custard

Custard is a traditional dessert that we have all eaten on occasion, but do we know how to prepare it? Definitely the envelopes ...

Homemade strawberry jam

Homemade strawberry jam

Homemade strawberry jam Sometimes we just use jams for toasts or similar. But jams have a lot ...

Dark chocolate palmeritas

Dark chocolate palmeritas

In 'Cooking recipes' we have elaborated different types of palmeritas: with sugar coating, grated coconut ... however ...

Salad with fresh cheese and avocado

Salad with fresh cheese and avocado

This salad with fresh cheese, avocado and drizzled with a dried fruit dressing, is refreshing and light; ideal for the hottest days of next summer.

Turkey fillets with fine herbs

Well, I'm going ahead with my "bikini operation"! And that the spirit does not decline ... If the other day I brought you ...

Varied salad for diets

We are almost in the middle of April and whoever says that it has not started yet, or at least, thought about ...

Herb-roasted loin

Oven-roasted tenderloin is an easy recipe that everyone likes. Roasting it in the oven does not give us work and we can season it with whatever we want.

mushroom pate

Mushroom pate

This pate can be your salvation at some point or another. It is also totally surprise, since because of the mushroom ...

Buttered tenderloins

Normally we are used to cooking the pork loin in a sauce with a wine background or roasting it to ...

Cod stew

  For those who are true lovers of the spoon, we bring you this Cod Pottage. It's certainly easy ...

Meat with tomato

Meat with tomato

  If there is a recipe that we especially like, it is this Meat with tomato. Yes, it is a simple dish, but ...

Easter Monas

Easter Monas

Easter is approaching and with it the traditional recipes of a lifetime. This time we bring you the ...

French toast stuffed with cream

French toast stuffed with cream

If you like classic torrijas, you cannot miss this version, juicier and creamier, it costs the same to make them and it is 100% recommended to make them.

Honey pestiños

A recipe for pestiños with honey could not be missing as a prelude to Easter, right? Well here it is! ...

Classic French toast

Classic French toast

Classic French toast battered in sugar French toast is a typical Easter dessert that everyone knows and ...

Lamb stew with peppers

Lamb stew with pepper sauce

This lamb stew with peppers is one of those comforting dishes that helps you cope with the cold temperatures. A…

Lemon and rosemary cake

Lemon and rosemary cake

If you like citrus flavored cakes you have to try this one with lemon and rosemary. A sponge cake with a fluffy interior and a crispy crust.

Peppered with onion

This recipe that I bring you today is simple to make, you will need very few ingredients and it is super colorful, so ...

Pumpkin cream

Pumpkin cream

Today's recipe is an easy and inexpensive recipe, especially if we make the creams with seasonal vegetables such as pumpkin.

Rose candy

This rose candy recipe is a typical recipe for Easter, especially in the Sierra del Andévalo, in ...

Spinach and tuna lasagna

Spinach and tuna lasagna

Spinach and tuna lasagna is a classic at home. The combination with the tuna is delicious and it is also a very simple and fast recipe. 

Meat for fillings

This meat for fillings will get you out of more than one trouble when making, for example, aubergines ...

Gulas with garlic

The gulas with ajitos became a typical Spanish dish many years ago. The gulas or anguriñas have ...

Roasted Hasselback Potatoes

Hasselback potatoes

Hasselback potatoes are the best garnish I can think of for a steak. Simple, delicious and very colorful roast potatoes.

Macaroni with country sauce

Resorting to cooking pasta when we are short of time is the easiest when it comes to eating something delicious, ...

Meatballs with beer sauce

Meatballs with beer sauce

The meatballs with beer sauce that we prepare today are baked in the oven and are a great dish for the whole family.

Lemon mousse

I don't know if you will like a fresh lemon mousse as much as I do, but for those who ...

Cod and parsley omelets

These delicious cod and parsley omelets are usually eaten at least once a month for dinner at my house. The…

Lemon chicken

Today's recipe is designed especially for those who love fitness and bodybuilding who need to eat big ...

Cooked potato omelette

Although a good traditional potato omelette made with quality olive oil is not so excessively caloric ...

Chopped chicken rice

Today's is a recipe that almost everyone likes, why? Because its two main ingredients, the ...

Millefeuille with coffee cream

Millefeuille with coffee cream

Without getting too complicated, today we make a millefeuille filled with coffee cream. A laborious dessert, not difficult, with which to surprise those at home.

Whiting cooked with potatoes

I remember that the first time I ate this dish was when I was little (I was about seven or eight years old) at home ...

Custard with cookies and cream

«It is difficult not to sin and stop eating something sweet and delicious, especially if it falls on the weekend ...»….

Spinach burger with onion

Spinach burger with onion

Have you tried the spinach burger? Today we propose you a recipe with spinach and chicken; an alternative to traditional meat.

Healthy fruit breakfast

Perhaps because it is among my resolutions for this new year or perhaps because it should be present in the life of ...

Sauteed Pasta with Broccoli

A plate of pasta under 300 calories? This pasta sautéed with broccoli is a delicacy that you must include in your maintenance diet

Chicken and tomato risotto

Chicken and tomato risotto

This chicken and tomato risotto has a very interesting color and flavor, as well as a smooth and creamy texture.

Defatted broth

Today's recipe is ideal for the winter: Defatted Chicken and Vegetable Broth. It contains few calories but is as filling as a normal soup.

Spicy cucumber snack

There is no healthier club than the cucumber club. With this special spicy cucumber snack for diets you will discover how to pamper yourself with a hot touch

Fish soup

Fish soup

We show you how to make a fish soup with prawns and clams; an ideal starter for the next family celebration.

Lamb with Provencal herbs

I hope you like this recipe for lamb with Provencal herbs. Lamb is a meat with a very special flavor. Do you like it?

Low calorie coleslaw

A recipe below 300 calories to regain your figure after the holidays? Try this delicious low calorie coleslaw. Delicious

Chicken to the beer

This beer chicken will delight everyone any day of the year. A very tasty dish thanks to its almond sauce and beer.