Rice cakes

It has not happened to you many times that you do White rice and you always have something left over. Well, today I give you a great idea to take advantage of that white rice, making some delicious rice cakes.

Rice cakes
These Rice cakes They are not the typical dry ones sold in supermarkets, these pancakes are like a kind of donut in which rice is the essential ingredient. They are fried and I can guarantee that you will love them. In my family it is very typical, since I remember that my grandmother used to make it for us for snack.
Kitchen: Traditional
Recipe type: Snack
Rations: 4
Preparation time: 
Cooking time: 
Total time: 
  • Leftover white rice.
  • 1 or 2 eggs.
  • ½ glass of milk.
  • Salt
  • Flour.
  • Parsley.
  • Olive oil for frying.
  1. To make this recipe for rice cakes, we only need to find the star ingredient, that is, rice. The amount of ingredients will depend on the amount of rice we have, so you will increase or decrease these ingredients according to the proportion of rice.
  2. In a bowl, we will put the remaining rice and stir it a little so that the rice grains loosen and do not become caked. Then we will add the half a glass of milk, the egg (or two if it is a lot of rice), the salt and the parsley, and we will stir everything very well so that the ingredients are mixed.
  3. Next, we will beat the previous mixture and we will add the flour (the one that admits) until we get a dough that is not very cumbersome or very liquid. Enough to form balls so that the rice does not come off.
  4. Finally, we will put a pan with hot oil and with the help of two spoons, we will make the rice cakes by dipping them in the oil to fry them.
I hope you enjoy this traditional recipe for the rice cakes that my grandmother made.
Nutritional information per serving
Calories: 156

When we are, both outside with at home, and we need a snack, we always think of all those that may be prohibited. Something that does not happen with Rice cakes (not to be confused with rice omelette). Light, healthy and that goes with everything. What more can we ask for? Today we are going to clarify all the doubts that there are around them. Do you think you know everything? Find out if this is really the case!

Brown rice pancakes

Rice cakes

When we talk about brown rice pancakes, we are already thinking about diet. They are a good alternative for those hours of mid-morning or mid-afternoon, when the stomach asks us for something succulent but we cannot take too many calories. Of course, it is not good to think that we will only have its use restricted if we are on a diet.

Rice cakes can be defined as a quick solution when we are hungry but we do not want to get our hands on the sweet. East type of pancakes It is offering us to satisfy our voracious hunger, taking a good nutritional intake and with low calories. In the same way, they know how to recharge our batteries in a matter of minutes, since they also are made up of carbohydrates. We will have to burn them with sport, therefore if you do not practice any exercise, take this consideration into account and reduce your carbohydrate intake. Just for that small appreciation, it is not going to destroy the great myth and reality that exists between whole-grain pancakes. Of course, they should never replace one of the main meals.

Rice or corn pancakes?

Rice and corn pancakes  

We have commented that the rice and whole grains are almost essential for mid-morning or mid-afternoon, but, Which ones are better, rice or corn cakes?. Here we already have a great dilemma, but nothing that cannot be resolved by commenting on both options. It must be said that in both options, for their preparation, they only have cereal as the main ingredient.

This is something to keep in mind when buying them. Not all brands work in the same way and sometimes, we find that older than rice or corn, they also contain sunflower oil or soy lecithin, among other ingredients. Both in the case of rice and corn cakes, they have very similar values.

  • Rice cakes: They have some 30 calories per piece. So, when we talk about 100 grams of them, we are dealing with 381 kcal. Carbohydrates are around 78 g, for those 100 gr. The proteins are 8,5g and the salt 0,02g.
  • Corn pancakes: Corn pancakes also have the same calories per 100 gr., that is, 381. Carbohydrates are around 83g, proteins 7g and salt in this case is a little higher, 1,4g.

As we can see, the variations are quite low, so many people opt for corn. In many cases, when we want to kill the anxiety generated by not eating everything we crave, corn flakes kill all the craving. They have a more characteristic and fine flavor, which reminds us of popcorn, but like everything, it will always be to taste.

Are rice cakes fattening?

Rice cakes  

As we have seen in the previous point, you can't say that rice cakes are fattening. Now, not everything has to be taken at face value. Although each of them can carry 29 or 30 calories, we can take a couple of them, both mid-morning and mid-afternoon. If we take about 100 grams, then we would be talking about a more excessive amount of calories.

Of course, they are not usually taken alone, so we can accompany them both with an infusion and a couple of slices of turkey or chicken breast. Likewise, also a piece of fresh cheese 0% fat, combines perfectly with them. It should also be noted that when we talk about rice cakes, we do it the simple ones, the ones that do not have more additives and only the rice itself will be the base ingredient. Why do we mention this? Well, because there are many variants of the pancakes. The chocolate, yogurt or caramel ones are a pleasure, but you have to bear in mind that the calories in them go up. So, for now, a couple of basic rice cakes are not fattening.

Do rice cakes have arsenic?

Broken rice pancake

A short time ago a news broke that alarmed the population. In Sweden, it was recommended that all children who were 6 years old or younger should not eat rice cakes nor is the rice itself. It was said that in every serving of it they ate, they were also consuming arsenic. It seems that the WHO confirms that both rice and products made with it have high levels.

Of course, for there to be considerable health problems, we would have to make an almost excessive consumption of it. As a general rule and in moderate amounts it does not have to be a health problem. If you want to continue taking white rice, for example, simply by boiling it, you will already be reducing arsenic levels.

Hacendado and Bicentury rice cakes

Rice pancakes bicentury and landlord

Every time we go to the supermarket, there is no purchase that lacks the rice cakes. Of course, we do not always achieve perfect results in terms of taste. When brands vary, perhaps also their ingredients and of course, the taste that this snack will leave us.

  • Hacendado rice cakes: The Hacendado brand can be found in Mercadona. One of the basic places to get numerous products at perfect prices. In this case the pancakes come in individual packages. In this way they become a great choice when we want to eat a couple of pancakes and we are not at home. The energy value per 100 grams is 368 kcal. You can also try the rice ones combined with oats and you will see how good they taste.
  • Bicentury pancakes: Bicentury pancakes are a bit more expensive than Mercadona's. Of course, in addition, if you want to choose from a wide variety of flavors, without important diets or calories, perhaps this is your best choice. You can find them in various chocolates, yogurt or caramel among others.

How to make puffed rice pancakes

Rice pancakes with salmon  

If you would like to make your own pancakes or healthy snackYou can also get it at home and in a simple way. You have to have a little patience, but of course, it is not complicated at all. Something that we appreciate when we start cooking.

Puffed rice pancakes

To make our puffed rice pancakes and surprise the family with it, we need:

  • Rice
  • Water
  • Olive oil

First we have to cook the rice with the water. The amounts will always vary depending on the amount we want to get. If the rice goes a bit too much for you, much better, is what we need. That is why we will leave it on the fire for more than 20 minutes. Once done, we have to drain it very well and we will throw it on the oven tray.

The best thing is that the oven is preheated, since this way, we must lower the temperature to make the rice. With about 70-80º it will be more than enough. We will leave it for about 45 minutes. Although we will always be pending since each oven is a world. What we want to achieve is that it is not too toasted. After time, we will add it to a frying pan with the oil. We will pour it in tablespoons and see how it inflates. Now we have to remove it and place it on a napkin or absorbent paper to remove as much oil as possible. Finally you can add salt or sugar according to your preferences and that's it.

Quick rice cakes

  • Rice
  • Sesame seeds
  • A little bit of salt

In this case, we also have to cook the rice. When it is completely dry and a bit past it, it will be at the exact point to create our pancakes. Now is the time to let it cool. We add the seeds and shape our pancakes. Now there is only put them in the microwave for a few minutes, round and round. You will see how perfect they are!

And, have you tried the rice omelette? Do not? Well, write down this recipe:

finished recipe of rice omelette
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