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Cooking Recipes is a website of Actualidad Blog. Our website is dedicated to world of gastronomy, and in it we propose ideas of original dishes while we talk about everything related to cooking and food.

El Editorial team of Cookery Recipes It is composed of passionate foodies delighted to share their expertise and skill with you. If you also want to be part of it, do not hesitate to write us through this form.


  • Maria vazquez

    I am María and cooking is one of my hobbies since I was a child and served as my mother's maid. I have always liked trying new flavors, ingredients and recipes, and learning about different gastronomic cultures. I love reading both national and international cooking blogs, keeping up to date with the latest publications and sharing with my family and now with you, my culinary experiments, especially the pastry ones. I am passionate about the world of pastry, from classic sponge cakes and cakes to the most creative and original creations. I hope you enjoy my content and that you are encouraged to cook with me.

Former editors

  • Montse Morote

    Hello, I'm Montse, passionate about cooking and gastronomy. Since I was little I liked helping my mother in the kitchen and learning from her the tricks and secrets of good food. Over time, I decided to create my own blog, Cooking with Montse, to share with the world my favorite recipes, both traditional and innovative, always seeking simplicity, flavor and health. I love experimenting with new ingredients, techniques and flavors, and also learning about other culinary cultures. My goal is that my readers enjoy cooking as much as I do and are encouraged to try my proposals.

  • Ale Jimenez

    I have loved cooking since I was a child, when I spent hours in the kitchen with my grandmother, learning her culinary secrets. Currently she is dedicated to making my own recipes and improving everything I have learned over the years, experimenting with different ingredients, flavors and techniques. I love both sweet and savory dishes, but I have to confess that I don't like spoon dishes at all. I hope you like my recipes just as I like to share them with you. My goal is to transmit my passion for cooking and make you enjoy delicious, healthy and easy-to-prepare dishes.

  • Carmen Guillen

    My mind, always open and predisposed to creating, has now taken me to the world of kitchens. Since I was little I have been fascinated by the art of combining flavors, textures and aromas to create unique and surprising dishes. I have traveled to different countries and cultures, learning from their culinary traditions and enriching my palate. Now I want to share with you my favorite recipes, the result of my experience and passion for cooking. I hope you like them and put them into practice. They are delicious! In this blog you will find recipes of all kinds: from the most traditional and homemade, to the most innovative and exotic. I like to experiment with ingredients, techniques and flavors, and give my personal touch to each dish. I will also tell you some tips and tricks so that your preparations turn out perfect.

  • Tony Torres

    As a lover of good food, I declare myself a fan of cooking in general. In the selection of products and mixing of flavors, I find my daily moment of creativity. Here I share my favorite dishes and recipes, a mix of traditional cuisine and international cuisine. I like to experiment with different ingredients and techniques, and learn from the gastronomic cultures of the world. My goal is to convey my passion for cooking through my texts, and make my readers enjoy this art as much as I do. I hope you like my culinary proposals and that you are encouraged to try them. Enjoy!

  • Hannah mitchell

    I am passionate about cooking, especially slowcooking, a technique that allows you to cook food at low temperatures for hours, preserving all its flavor and juiciness. I love accompanying my dishes with a good Guinness beer, the famous Irish black beer that has a unique and creamy flavor. I have been preparing finger-licking recipes for a long time, from the most traditional to the most modern and original. I dare with everything! Experimenting and trying new flavors, I hope you love my recipes as much as I love making them. My goal is to share my culinary secrets with you and make you enjoy cooking as much as I do.