Dumplings stuffed with meat

Recipe of dumplings stuffed with minced meat, a starter or accompaniment that everyone likes and that are very good, try them in the oven !!!

Spinach and ricotta crepes

Spinach and ricotta crepes recipe, a simple and light dish that we can prepare at home as dinner or as a starter.

Squid stuffed with meat

A recipe for squid stuffed with meat, a delicious dish to prepare on special days and look good with the guests.

Pumpkin cream with prawns

Pumpkin cream with prawns, a very easy and quick homemade recipe to prepare, a perfect dish to prepare at parties as a starter.

Pork sirloin with beer

Pork sirloin recipe with beer, prepared in a quick pot, it is rich, juicy and with a delicious beer sauce, you are sure to like it !!!

Ham and cheese puff pastry rolls

The recipe for baked ham and cheese puff pastry rolls, serves as an appetizer or as a starter, very easy to prepare and they are very good.

Mashed potatoes with tuna

A recipe for mashed potatoes with tuna, a very complete homemade hot dish that will appeal to young and old alike. You want to try it !!!

Green soybean stew

A delicious recipe for green soybean stew, a rich and healthy legume, very similar to lentils, a very nutritious spoon dish. You will like!!!

Juicy baked potato tower

In this article we bring the recipe for a rich juicy tower of baked potato. Be creative and make your tower as high as you want ...

Baked Macaroni

Recipe for baked macaroni gratin, a very complete and simple dish to prepare where the little ones will enjoy eating.

Beef with beer

Beef with beer, a simple and quick dish to prepare, with a very good sauce accompanied by mushrooms, a very complete dish.

Butifarra fideuá with mushrooms

Butifarra fideuá with mushrooms, a variant of the Valencian fideuá, a simple and very good dish, taking advantage of the mushroom season.

Cream of zucchini

A delicious, light and easy to prepare zucchini cream recipe for a healthy diet is great and is sure to appeal to the whole family.

Eggplant as pizza

The recipe that we bring you today has several strong points that invite you to make it for this very night: It is simple ...

Chicken thighs in red wine

A recipe for chicken thighs in sauce with red wine, a classic of our Spanish cuisine, a very simple dish. Try it you will like it.

Stuffed Baked Hake

Hake stuffed with baked ham, a very complete recipe to prepare on special occasions and surprise guests.

Fried zucchini

Fried zucchini

Everyone knows that vegetables are what people tend to like least, and courgettes are ...

Eggplant Lasagna

A very good aubergine lasagna, it is a very complete dish accompanied by a salad, we can make it as a single dish, you will surely like it.

Fried chicken balls

Today we present an ideal recipe for all audiences: from the smallest to the most adult. Is a…

Frankfurt flamenquins

Frankfurt sausages are very popular in sandwiches, or as so-called hot dogs, but these rolls with cheese and batters are very good.

Easy white asparagus cream

Easy white asparagus cream

Easy white asparagus cream There are times when you want something healthy and it doesn't give us a lot of work….

Romanescu cupcakes

You are going to love these romanescu cupcakes. They are baked so we do not add any oil and the cheese that is in it provides a delicious flavor.

Puff pastry boats with quail egg

These puff pastry boats are very easy to prepare and are delicious. In just 30 'we will have them ready, you just have to choose which ingredients to put.

Meat and pepper pie

Do you like empanadas? This one that I bring you is 100% homemade and very simple to make ... It is enough to have a ...

Cauliflower and cheese cupcakes

These cauliflower cupcakes are delicious, no one would say that their main ingredient is cauliflower so they are ideal for the little ones.

Sandwiches for snacks

Did you know that the origin of the 'sandwich' dates back to the 1927th century? But it wasn't until XNUMX when ...

Fried marinated chicken

Personally, I've been very tired lately of eating chicken meat. It has become somewhat insipid and its flavor every ...

Cod and parsley omelets

These delicious cod and parsley omelets are usually eaten at least once a month for dinner at my house. The…

Squid in its sauce

Squid in its sauce, the perfect recipe to serve as a tapa or as a second course. You can accompany them with some roasted or fried potatoes.

Rustic cake

Discover a creamy recipe, with personality and full of nuances with this rustic ricotta and zucchini cake, a great success for parties and dinners.

Croquettes from the stew

The croquettes of the stew are usually the richest recipe of our mothers ... Almost all have the same ingredients but none tastes the same as another.

Prawn pancakes

Do you like shrimp omelets? They are delicious! You can eat them for dinner or as a small starter at midday meals.

Chicken tacos

These rich chicken tacos with vegetables and hot sauce can be a special dinner to share with friends. Do you write it down?

Mushrooms with garlic batter

These mushrooms with garlic batter are the perfect cover for a snack with friends. Crispy on the outside and very tender on the inside.

Potatoes' tortilla with onion

The potato omelette with onion is one of the best known Spanish gastronomic recipes outside of our country. Its flavor is unmistakable.

Ham and cheese salads

Ham and cheese salads

In this article we show you how to make some delicious ham and cheese savory as an aperitif for unexpected visits.

Asparagus and ham gratin rolls

Asparagus and ham gratin rolls

These asparagus rolls and ham cooked with cheese, baked in the oven, are a fantastic warm proposal as a starter or light dinner,

Assorted mushroom croquettes

Assorted mushroom croquettes

Today we show you how to make tasty mixed mushroom croquettes. They will work great as a starter before a meat or fish duck.

Mushrooms stuffed with ham

Mushrooms stuffed with ham

In this article we show you how to make a very healthy dish for this time of year, some tasty mushrooms stuffed with sofrito with Serrano ham.

Shrimp and coriander croquettes

Shrimp and coriander croquettes

Shrimp and coriander croquettes, a rich recipe for prawns with the aroma of coriander that will captivate diners. Very tasty and simple.

Kefta skewers

Kefta skewers

Today in Cooking Recipes we take a walk around the world to bring you the recipe for Moorish minced meat skewers.

Vegetable rolls with cheese

Vegetable rolls with cheese

Recipe for vegetable rolls with cheese, delicious for a snack or to accompany other dishes. You can accompany it with a salad or a stewed chicken

Fritos de pixin (monkfish)

Pixin is the name given to monkfish in Asturias. These fried are an ideal appetizer, main course or dinner-

Sopa Castellana (garlic soup)

Castilian soup (garlic soup)

Castilian soup (garlic soup), a typical recipe from the north of Castilla y León based on breadcrumbs and garlic. The trick is to simmer it.

Mushroom caps

Mushrooms stuffed with snails in butter with garlic, parsley and onion.

Ham and cheese omelette

When in five minutes I have to prepare a meal, generally I have to decide between two options, or I prepare a sandwich or an omelette….

Camembert cheese fondue

Camembert cheese fondue

Fried Camembert cheese to spread hot, a very easy to make Camembert cheese fondue that will triumph on any table

finished recipe of breaded pork ear

Battered Pig's Ear

Battered pork ear recipe. Simple and delicious, let's see the step by step to enjoy it.

finished recipe of squid rings with mushrooms

Squid Rings with Mushrooms

Simple and healthy recipe for squid rings with mushrooms. Its preparation is simple and we will not have to spend many hours in the kitchen.

finished recipe of mushroom cap with quail egg

Mushroom Tapa with Quail Egg

Originality in the world of tapas is always good. And today I bring you a rich recipe to create a peculiar tapa, of mushroom with quail egg.

finished monkfish recipe with garnish

Monkfish with Garnish

Monkfish is a fish that goes well with everything and today I bring it to you with an excellent garnish (at least for me), green peppers and chanterelles.

finished recipe for crispy rice

Crispy Rice

Crispy rice recipe, a simple way to recycle and surprise with different ideas. So to enjoy the gastronomy.

finished baked stuffed potatoes recipe

Baked Stuffed Potatoes

Baked stuffed potatoes recipe. It is a simple preparation that gives good results both in terms of presentation and flavor.

finished recipe of green asparagus with red garlic sauce

Green Asparagus with Red Garlic Sauce

Vegetables should be part of our diet and for them to taste better we must come up with new flavors that we like. Green asparagus with red garlic sauce is a simple and delicious recipe.

clam recipe with hot sauce

Clams with Hot Sauce

Recipe for a possible appetizer based on clams with hot sauce. I prepare it with cayenne but it can also be done without so that it does not bite, that depends on the consumer. It is quick to prepare.

vegetable-based skewer: zucchini and aubergine

Zucchini and Eggplant Skewers

Vegetable-based recipe: zucchini, eggplant. It is simple to make and delicious to taste. It is also a special way of presenting vegetables to children.

fried turnips fresh from the oil on kitchen paper

Fried turnips

Rich and simple fried turnips, a simple way to offer vegetables to the little ones in the house. Also, with the shape similar to French fries, it is easier to "camouflage".

potatoes with garlic and vinegar, easy and quick to make

Potatoes to the Poor

Potatoes a lo poor, simple recipe and quick recipe, based on potatoes, garlic and vinegar. It is very simple and combines with other delicacies without problem and is that the speed in the stove, unfortunately, today is very important

rich broad beans with pork rib, chorizo ​​and black sausage

Catalonian broad bean

typical Catalan delicacy, based on beans, chorizo, black sausage, pork ribs and mint to avoid the typical indigestion of this type of vegetable

Creamed spinach

Ingredients: 2 brick of cream 1kg of spinach 70g of butter 2 tablespoons of flour 1/2 cup of ...

Risotto sea and mountain

Ingredients: 500 grams of rice for risotto. 400 shrimp 300 mushrooms 2 onions 1 bunch of parsley 1 leek Oil ...

Pumpkin balls

Ingredients: 300 g of pumpkin 160 g of flour 2 eggs 2 tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese A pinch of ...

Seafood lasagna

Ingredients: 300g of cuttlefish Lasagna sheets 150g of mushrooms 1 zucchini 80g of Parmesan 1 onion 1 clove of ...

Chorizo ​​fritters

Ingredients: A Candelario chorizo ​​(typical of the Canary Islands) Olive oil For the fritter dough: 1 egg ...

Pasta with zucchini and egg

    Ingredients: 1 medium zucchini 300g of pasta 100g of mozzarella 3 tablespoons of Parmesan cheese 3 eggs 1/2…

Eggs on the plate with ham

Ingredients: 8 eggs 100 grams of Serrano ham 25 grams of frozen peas 1 spring onion Crushed tomato A chive Oil Salt ...

Microwave cheesy spinach flan

Take it out of the microwave with this recipe. Ingredients: 500g of frozen spinach 150ml of liquid cream 4 eggs 100g of ...

Potatoes in shirt

Ingredients: 1 kilo of potatoes 3 eggs 100g of flour 1 onion 1l of broth Salt, parsley and oil Preparation:…

Seafood stuffed potatoes

Ingredients: 8 small potatoes 250g of mussel meat 250g of prawns 1 tomato 1 onion 1/2 glass of wine ...

Turkish rice

Ingredients: 250g of rice 3 / 4kg of boneless lamb 2 onions 2 cloves of garlic 100g of currants Broth ...

Rice salad with seafood

Ingredients: 400g of rice 750g of clams 750g of mussels 100g of prawn tails 100g of mushrooms Chopped parsley ...


 Ingredients: 400g of strong flour 200g of butter 1dl of water 250g of prawns 150g of lobster 150g of prawns ...

Beet Leaf Snacks

We will prepare some tasty beet leaf sandwiches to taste as a hot starter or accompany with different preparations using meat ...

Hot Canapes

I present to you the recipe for a sensational and simple hot starter. Prepare it for any occasion: Ingredients: 1 last bread ...