Garbanzos marineros

250g de garbanzos cocidos
100g de macarrones
200g de bacalao desalado
2 huevos cocidos
3/4 de caldo de jamón
2 ajos
Harina, sal, aceite y perejil

Cocer los macarrones en el caldo de jamón, si el caldo queda fuerte no hace falta salar. Pelar, picar y rehogar los ajos en una cazuela con aceite, añadir un poco de harina, la pasta y el caldo de jamón. Incorporar los garbanzos escurridos y enjuagados, los huevos cocidos picados y el bacalao desmigado. Dejar cocer todos los ingredientes unos minutos y servir con perejil espolvoreado.

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  1.   Eleh dijo

    Although I didn’t quite get it right, they still tasted great. The bean mxutire was so liquidy that I wasn’t able to form patties. I even added some rolled oats to try and thicken it up. No luck. I ended up scooping it onto the pan with a spoon. The sauce really made the dish for me. I substituted garlic powder for fresh because I was feeling lazy, but it was still really good. Anyway, not really sure what went wrong with the consistency but I will definitely make it again.

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