Avocado and egg toast

Avocado and egg toast

Do you like to have breakfast with foundation? This avocado toast with egg is ideal to start the day with energy. Try it!

keto bread

Keto bread without flour!

Keto bread is a flourless bread that you can prepare in the microwave in just 90 seconds. Ideal for your toast or sandwich.

Jamaican coffee

Jamaican coffee

Jamaican coffee, a rich and simple coffee with a lot of flavor. A coffee that we can prepare at home and drink it after a good meal.

Microwave carrots

Microwave carrots

Looking for a healthy side dish to complete your menu? Learn how to prepare these natural carrots in the microwave in just 6 minutes.

San Jacobos with ham and cheese

San Jacobos with ham and cheese, a very simple homemade dish to make. A recipe that everyone will like for its melted cheese filling.

Falafel with beets

Falafel with beets

Today we invite you to try a new version of falafel, typical Middle Eastern chickpea croquettes: Falafel with beetroot.

Octopus with cachelos

All dishes in the kitchen have their way of preparation depending on the person or the area in ...

Cooked potato and pea salad

Cooked potato and pea salad

It is possible to prepare a salad using a couple of ingredients. The proof is this cooked potato and pea salad ...

Watermelon Jelly

Watermelon jelly a simple and fresh dessert for the summer. Ideal for the little ones. It is quick to prepare and is very popular.

Oatmeal and raisin cookies

Oatmeal and raisin cookies

If you are looking for some easy-to-make cookies, these that we propose today are a great alternative. We are not going to ...

Zucchini and carrot cream

Zucchini and carrot cream

This zucchini and carrot cream is healthy and light. Free of animal products it is appropriate for a vegan diet.

Rice with pork

Rice with pork in yellow

Today I bring you this simple recipe for rice with pork in yellow, an alternative to the traditional rice with ...

Almond and coconut energy balls

Almond and coconut energy balls

The energy balls of almond and coconut are satiating and give us a lot of energy. They are perfect as snacks, especially for athletes.

Tuna pie

Quick tuna patty

A simple recipe for a quick tuna empanada, easy to prepare in a few minutes. A perfect dish for any situation.

Potato and leek cream

Light potato and leek cream

The light consistency of potato and leek cream we make today is a simple but very comforting recipe. Do you dare to try it?

Chocolate Cake And Cookies

Chocolate and biscuit cake a tasty and crunchy cake. Simple and without an oven, ideal for a snack or with a coffee. Delicious !!!

Quick Cooker Turkey Osso Buco

Turkey osobuco in a quick pot, a simple and quick dish to prepare a complete dish accompanied by vegetables and cooked white rice.

Baked chicken with curry

Baked chicken with curry a flavorful dish, accompanied by some potatoes. Rich and simple that we can cook in a short time.

Yogurt, nuts and chocolate cups

Yogurt, nuts and chocolate cups

The yogurt, nuts and chocolate glasses that we prepare today with simple and fast. An easy dessert to improvise that we hope you feel like trying.

Chocolate muffins

Homemade chocolate muffins for breakfast or a snack are very good. They are simple to prepare and they are very good.

Rice with onion and pepper

Rice with pepper and onion

This rice with onion and peppers returns us to the routine of the simple after Christmas. Easy and inexpensive, try it!

Tuna loins with garlic

Learn to cook Tuna loins with our easy recipes: in white wine and lemon juice with garlic and parsley, Isla Cristina style, with garlic and more!

Baked Pork Loin

Baked Pork Loin

Discover these recipes to prepare baked pork tenderloin in a simple way. How to make it juicy? Discover here the secret to cook it

finished recipe of rice omelette

Rice Omelette

Easy rice omelette recipes, we teach you how to cook it quickly and in multiple ways: Japanese style, baked, with brown rice and more!

Chickpea salad

This time we bring you a chickpea salad, an ideal recipe for the summer because it is eaten cold and we don't spend time cooking.

Bacon and cheese quiche

Bacon and cheese quiche a savory cake, simple and easy to prepare, for a starter or an informal dinner is great !!!

Strawberry and chia jam

Strawberry and chia jam

The strawberry and chia jam that we prepare today is ideal as a breakfast, accompanying a toast, a yogurt or a bowl of oat flakes.

Microwave broccoli cake

Today we bring you a new recipe, light for the stomach and quick and easy to make: a broccoli cake in the microwave. It couldn't be easier!

Fried peppers with salt

Today's recipe is one of the simplest that we have offered you in Cooking Recipes, but not for that reason the worst: fried peppers with salt. Rich, right?

Carrot and ginger cream

Carrot and ginger cream

The carrot and ginger cream that we prepare today is a tasty and light starter for the whole family, ideal at any time of year.

Zucchini and cheese frittatas

Zucchini and cheese frittatas

The zucchini, ham and cheese frittatas that we prepare today are easy and quick to prepare; perfect for breakfast or weekend brunch.

Potato and leek casserole

Potato and leek casserole

The potato and leek casserole that we prepare today is a simple dish made with common ingredients and in which we make it work in the oven.

Mini chocolate napolitans

Mini chocolate napolitans

The mini chocolate napolitans that we prepare today are simple and quick to make. Ideal to accompany coffee at breakfast or snack.

Cream and bacon pizza

Cream and bacon pizza recipe, a very good recipe that is prepared with a cream and bacon cream, is very simple to prepare.

Cheese Stuffed Potatoes

Today we propose in Kitchen Recipes some potatoes stuffed with cheese, cooked in the oven. A simple dish in terms of ingredients, but tasty.

Spiced Cauliflower Scramble

Our Spiced Cauliflower Scramble is an ideal meal for dinners and light meals. Because of its low calorie content, it is good for diets.

American pancakes

How delicious were these American pancakes! If you also want to know how we have made them and what their ingredients are, keep reading.

Mustard tenderloin sandwich

Mustard tenderloin sandwich

During the weekend we usually prepare a pizza, sandwich or sandwich at home for dinner. It's usually Friday when ...

Mini chocolate filled croissants

Puff pastry croissants filled with chocolate cream, a simple recipe that we can prepare without difficulty and that everyone will like. Try it !!!

Beef with beer

Beef with beer, a simple and quick dish to prepare, with a very good sauce accompanied by mushrooms, a very complete dish.

Microwave pumpkin flan

Microwave pumpkin flan recipe, rich and very easy to prepare, for a dessert it is very good, due to its soft and sweet texture. It will like you!!!

Sauteed mushrooms and bacon

Sauteed mushrooms and bacon

The sautéed mushrooms and bacon that we propose today is quick and easy to prepare. Ideal for when one does not want to complicate with dinner.

Dorada with piquillo pepper sauce

A recipe for sea bream in piquillo pepper sauce, a smooth and simple sauce that we can prepare to accompany any dish. You will like!!!

Egg-stuffed tomatoes, baked

Egg-stuffed tomatoes, baked

Baked egg-stuffed tomatoes are a great dinner alternative. A simple and attractive recipe will not take more than 20 min. in preparing.

Puff pastry pie with tuna

A recipe for a puff pastry filled with tuna, a simple and quick dish to prepare, for a dinner or to take on an excursion, it looks great !!!

Eggplant as pizza

The recipe that we bring you today has several strong points that invite you to make it for this very night: It is simple ...

Yogurt, raspberry and honey cups

Yogurt, raspberry and honey cups

The yogurt, raspberry and honey glasses that we present today are easy and quick to prepare. A light and fresh dessert for the whole family.


Salmorejo recipe, very fresh and loaded with vitamins, it is a very complete dish and as a starter it is very good, so I encourage you to try it.

Cream flan without oven

A cream flan without an oven, rich and easy to prepare, do you want to know how it is prepared? Enter and you will see how easy it is to make this flan with cream, you will like it !!!

Eggplant Lasagna

A very good aubergine lasagna, it is a very complete dish accompanied by a salad, we can make it as a single dish, you will surely like it.

Cherry and rum syrup

Cherry and rum syrup

Cherry and rum syrup This syrup is perfect to accompany your favorite desserts or cakes. Also the result ...

Easy white asparagus cream

Easy white asparagus cream

Easy white asparagus cream There are times when you want something healthy and it doesn't give us a lot of work….

Fried Onion Rings

The recipe that we present today serves as a garnish for another dish or as a small "tapas" before a dish ...


Hummus is an Arabic recipe well known throughout the world. Doing it is very simple, you just have to crush the ingredients and we can enjoy it.

Puff pastry boats with quail egg

These puff pastry boats are very easy to prepare and are delicious. In just 30 'we will have them ready, you just have to choose which ingredients to put.

Rice and cheese salad

The almost arrival of summer brings with it the desire for light and healthy recipes. This rice and cheese salad is a good example of that.

Roasted apple with cheesecake

Roasted apple with cheesecake Let's put together the richest thing in this world, the roasted apple and the cheesecake! That…

Coriander pesto

  We are very fans of pesto, both the classic basil, and those that emerge after experimentation. This recipe…

Japanese cheese cake

Japanese cheese cake Cheese at home drives us crazy, whether in its salty or sweet version. Make…


Provoleta, for cheese lovers

Provoleta is a simple recipe based on melted provolone cheese, aromatic herbs and olive oil. Doesn't sound bad, right?

Rice with squid in American sauce

The rice with squid in American sauce is my salvation because it couldn't be easier. If you have a few cans of squid you have the food resolved.

Cauliflower and cheese cupcakes

These cauliflower cupcakes are delicious, no one would say that their main ingredient is cauliflower so they are ideal for the little ones.

Green asparagus omelette

Green asparagus is a vegetable both loved and hated by many, perhaps due to its special flavor. But…

Sandwiches for snacks

Did you know that the origin of the 'sandwich' dates back to the 1927th century? But it wasn't until XNUMX when ...

Potato wedges

The potato wedges are made in the oven in a very simple and light way. The spices will add a special touch to these crispy golden potatoes.

eggless crepes

Eggless crepes

We all love crepes! And this is so because we can do them in a thousand ways. Well at home ...

mushroom pate

Mushroom pate

This pate can be your salvation at some point or another. It is also totally surprise, since because of the mushroom ...

Gulas with garlic

The gulas with ajitos became a typical Spanish dish many years ago. The gulas or anguriñas have ...

Roasted Hasselback Potatoes

Hasselback potatoes

Hasselback potatoes are the best garnish I can think of for a steak. Simple, delicious and very colorful roast potatoes.

Lemon mousse

I don't know if you will like a fresh lemon mousse as much as I do, but for those who ...

Cod and parsley omelets

These delicious cod and parsley omelets are usually eaten at least once a month for dinner at my house. The…

Lemon chicken

Today's recipe is designed especially for those who love fitness and bodybuilding who need to eat big ...

Smoked salmon and arugula pizza

Smoked salmon and arugula pizza

This smoked salmon and arugula pizza is a great resource when you fancy something simple and quick, that doesn't make us go into the kitchen.

Healthy fruit breakfast

Perhaps because it is among my resolutions for this new year or perhaps because it should be present in the life of ...

Yogurt smoothie with honey

Yogurt with honey smoothie ideal for those children who resist the taste of honey. We have added a couple of Maria cookies to make it even better.

Fruit snack

This fruit snack is healthy, simple and 100% natural. Give your body healthy foods low in fat and processed sugars. You will notice the difference.

Rice four delights

Rice four delights: prawns, bacon, carrot and green pepper. It's delicious!

Basque cake with cinnamon

To the rich Basque cake with cinnamon! It is delicious, it is very easy to make and very few ingredients are needed. It is perfect for snacks and breakfasts!

Light chocolate brownie to the cup

Enjoy this light chocolate brownie to the cup completely: it is tasty, it is quick to make and it has fewer calories than a normal brownie.

Baked rice

How to prepare a baked rice in record time ?. Try this wonderful recipe and enjoy like a dwarf, you will do sports later.

Chickpea and spinach curry

For tastes, curries. This veggie is suitable for all types of stomachs. Don't be fooled, this chickpea and spinach curry is for everyone.

Rice salad

For light dinners suitable for those who are immersed in a hypocaloric diet, we recommend this rice salad with vegetables.

Sandwich burger

A hamburger in a chicken or beef sandwich can be one of the richest, healthiest and most creative meals you can cook. Give it imagination!

Dressed beet

Dressed beets: apple cider vinegar, garlic, black pepper, olive oil and salt ... A colorful and different salad!

Avocados stuffed with turkey and bacon

Discover with this recipe for avocados stuffed with turkey and bacon how to take care of your cholesterol in a very pleasant way and without making sacrifices

vegetarian pizza

80% vegetarian pizza: almost all its ingredients are vegetables, so they make this pizza a possible rich, healthy and very low calorie dinner.

Black pudding stew

Discover the nutritional values ​​of blood sausage with this wonderful black pudding stew, perfect for athletes or those with anemia

Murcian cauldron for beginners

What does summer taste like? Possibly this marvel of Murcian cauldron for beginners. Grandma's hand for your student pocket.

Seafood salad

Seafood salpicón: a typical summer dish, not only in coastal areas.

Chicken stew with cinnamon

Not all leftovers have to die in the form of croquettes. This cinnamon chicken stew is a perfect (and delicious) example.

Cauliflower Salad

Cauliflower salad, rich, healthy and very beneficial for our body, due to the great properties of all its ingredients.

Homemade pizzas

Homemade, delicious and healthy pizzas perfect to enhance your culinary creativity. Will you be a chef? Show it!

Nocilla bites

Nocilla sandwiches, ideal for a snack, breakfast or with coffee after meals. Delicious!

Chicken tacos

These rich chicken tacos with vegetables and hot sauce can be a special dinner to share with friends. Do you write it down?

Zucchini with prawns

Zucchini with prawns, a very healthy and tasty scrambled eggs. Ideal for the summer.

Artichokes with ham

Artichokes with ham, a little laborious dish to make, simple and very healthy.

Zucchini cream

Zucchini cream: to serve both as a cold dish and as a hot dish. Delicious and very healthy!

Avocado and lime pate

In addition to a wonderful source of fiber, potassium, thiamine, riboflavin, folate, and vitamins B-6, E, and K, this avocado-lime pate is terrific.

Coconut gazpacho

This refreshing and surprising coconut gazpacho recipe will get you out of the salad routine this summer and will turn your "alechugado" palate upside down.

Country salad

This country salad in addition to being simple to make is delicious. Do you already know its special ingredient? Ham tacos!

Mixed salad

Looking ahead to the summer, we bring you a light, healthy and above all cold recipe, which is what you want with this heat: mixed salad.

Moussaka for beginners

Immerse yourself in the wonderful Greek gastronomy with this delicious moussaka for beginners. It's like a lasagna

Salmon gratin with figs and potatoes

If you are on the hunt for a dish that melts in your mouth and you don't feel like doing much effort cooking, try making this salmon gratin with figs and potatoes.

Zucchini Parmesan

This Zucchini Parmesan is the perfect cheat for your stomach if you're on a diet. It will seem that you are tasting a delicious plate of macaroni!

Minced meat for pasta

Minced meat for pasta: macaroni, spaghetti, etc. Now your pasta will be more tasty and nutritious.

Delicious chimichurri sauce

Behind every great meat dish there is always a great dressing, and this delicious chimichurri sauce is the apotheosis of the universe of sauces.

Pickled anchovies

Anchovies in vinegar: Ideal for these hot dates. A tapa of pickled anchovies accompanied by a very cold beer, pure delight!

Sauteed broccoli with pine nuts

How to prepare a delicious, healthy and full of life dish in 15 minutes? Try this delicious recipe for sautéed broccoli with pine nuts. A blessed wonder

Pork ribs with beer

One of the best baked meat dishes out there is possibly this Beer Pork Ribs recipe. Easy and delicious.

Crispy baked avocado

With less ingredients and time than you imagine you will get a tapa worthy of the most it restaurant of the moment: Crispy baked avocado

Strawberry and avocado salad

This strawberry and avocado salad with pine nut vinaigrette is what you are looking for if you need a fresh dish, rich, low in color and quick to make.

Pasta salad

Pasta salad with vegetables, boiled egg and grated cheese. Delicious and exquisite!

Mixed salad with seafood delicacies

Mixed salad with sea delicacies: sweet corn, grated carrot, boiled egg, iceberg lettuce, sea delicacies and light mayonnaise, its ingredients.

Chorizo ​​carbonara

Discover the most delicious pasta accompaniment with this chorizo ​​carbonara sauce recipe devised by Jamie Oliver and adapted to a common fridge

Roast lamb with lemon

How do you get a mouthful that melts in your mouth? With good stuff, patience and an oven. This recipe for roasted lamb with lemon is a perfect example

Meringue sighs

Meringue sighs recipe: you only need two ingredients, sugar and egg whites.

French toast with homemade jam

This vacation, put aside the bikini operation and sweeten your rest with a breakfast of French toast and homemade jam. Keep calm and eat!

Crunchy peanut and pistachio

No matter how much coffee you drink during the day, without breakfast there is no energy. This Peanut Pistachio Crunch can be your delicious salvation.

Caramelized onion coca

How many times have you faced an empty fridge in those last terrible days of the month? This recipe for caramelized onion coca is your salvation

Pineapple curry chicken skewers

Go well with this simple recipe for chicken curry and pineapple skewers because they are the perfect first step towards the goal of the dreaded bikini operation.

Fabada for beginners

This super easy bean stew recipe for beginners is the best way to nip the dependency on mom's tuppers and the abuse of cans in the bud!

Chocolate mug cake

Chocolate mug cake

Chocolate mug cakes are quick cupcakes that you can have ready in five minutes with micrronds. We present you a chocolate one.

Apple pie

Homemade apple pie

In this article we teach you how to make a delicious apple pie for children's snacks. In this case it served as my father's birthday snack.

Chocolate canes

Chocolate canes

In this article we teach you how to make a delicious snack for children, some delicious chocolate canes to satisfy hunger in the afternoon.

Ham and cheese salads

Ham and cheese salads

In this article we show you how to make some delicious ham and cheese savory as an aperitif for unexpected visits.

Shrimp and mushroom croquettes

Shrimp and mushroom croquettes

In this article we show you how to make a rich recipe for croquettes based on prawns and mushrooms, great for the little ones' dinner.

Eggplant meatballs in sauce

Eggplant meatballs

In this article we show you how to make delicious and healthy eggplant dumplings so that you can take care of your line this winter.

panna cotta

Panacota recipe (panna cotta)

In this article we show you how to make a simple recipe for a very typical Italian dessert. The panacota or milk cooks great as a dessert.

Serrano ham and cheese fajitas

Serrano ham and cheese fajitas

In this article we prepare succulent fajitas full of flavor and juiciness thanks to the combination of ingredients. Great for quick dinners,

Garlic soup

Garlic soup

In this article we present you a very rich garlic soup for Christmas night, an inexpensive and quick recipe so you don't waste a lot of time cooking.

Tenderloin and bacon sandwich

Marinated loin and egg sandwich

In this article we show you how to make a delicious loin sandwich with grilled egg, an improvised dinner in 8 minutes for just one.

Homemade Bolognese Pizza

Pizza Bolognese

In this article we show you how to make a homemade Bolognese-type pizza. A great bite of Italian flavor that is ideal for dinner with friends.

Chickpea hummus

Chickpea hummus

In this section we teach you how to take advantage of some leftover chickpeas from some cooking. A rich and very traditional hummus dish.

Stuffed tapines

Stuffed and au gratin tapines

In this article we show you how to make a rich recipe for tapines stuffed with meat. A succulent dish to enjoy the whole family.

Chicken and ham booklets

Chicken and ham booklet

Breading chicken fillets has never been easier, as they are also stuffed with ham and cheese. These very succulent little books for children.

Spinach ravioli

Spinach ravioli with lasagna plates

In this article we show you how to make some simple and quick spinach raviolies with some simple plates of lasagna. A quick and delicious recipe.

Homemade almond flan

Homemade almond flan

In this article we show you a very simple and quick dessert to make as a dessert or snack. A flan with a rich flavor that children will love.

Bone cake

Bone cake

In this article we teach you how to make a rich and simple bone cake so that you can enjoy this weekend like all children. Very fast.

Arabic chicken pie

Arabic chicken pie

In this article we show you how to make a delicious Arabic potato and chicken pie. A simple and easy recipe to make for the little ones in the house.

Spinach and bacon risotto

Spinach risotto

In this article we show you how to make a great and delicious spinach and bacon risotto. A simple and succulent dish for the whole family.

Individual sausage pizza

Individual sausage pizzas

In this article we show you how to make delicious individual sausage pizzas, very original and with a great taste of Spain. Great for friends.

Chocolate Jello

Chocolate Jello

In this article we show you how to make a great, rich and quick chocolate jelly for children, a dessert that the whole family will love.

Tortilla Fajitas

French omelette fajitas

In this article we show you how to make delicious French omelette-based fajitas, in order to take advantage of food and make new ideas in the kitchen.

Hake in green sauce

Hake in green sauce

Sometimes we think of very elaborate recipes, however, quick and simple recipes can also be rich like this hake in green sauce.

Tenderloin steaks in pepper sauce

Tenderloin steaks in pepper sauce

In this article we talk about a very simple and healthy loin steak recipe that you can make in a short time for both lunch and dinner.

Traffic lights

Stoplight, stuffed marinated tenderloin

In this article we show you how to make a typical recipe that is cooked at home. Traffic light, two slices of marinated tenderloin stuffed with chorizo ​​and cheese.

Bites of ham and cheese

Bites of ham and cheese

York ham and sliced ​​cheese are two popular products for any sandwich, but today we wanted to make some sandwiches based on both.

Cake pops

Cake pops

In this article we show you how to make cake pops in a simple, easy and fast way. Great for any children's party or celebration.

Flamenco style eggs

Flamenco style eggs

In this article we show you a simple but delicious recipe for very traditional eggs. Thus, we combine vegetables and eggs in an exquisite way.

Sausage flamenquines

Sausage flamenquines

Flamenquines are a very rich and healthy prepared food for children, but if we fill it with sausages they will love it even more.

Log of cookies, cream and chocolate

Log of cookies, cream and chocolate

In this article we teach you how to make a delicious dessert for children's snacks. A log of cookies and cream dipped in chocolate that you will love.

Stuffed lettuce buds

Stuffed lettuce buds

In this article we show you how to make a quick and very healthy recipe: an appetizer with stuffed lettuce heads, great for dinners with friends.

Rice burger

Rice burgers

In this article we teach you how to prepare a very simple and healthy recipe. Some delicious rice burgers for children to eat healthily.

Choco meatballs in sauce

Choco meatballs in sauce

The meatballs are a product that the little ones love, therefore, today we opted for the cuttlefish to facilitate the intake of the fish in them.

Homemade potato gnocchi with bacon and cheese sauce

Homemade potato gnocchi

In this article we show you how to make delicious homemade gnocchi bathed in a cheese sauce with a touch of spice. Especially for the little ones.

Spinach Stuffed Potatoes

Spinach Stuffed Potatoes

In this article we show you how to make delicious stuffed potatoes. In this case, spinach to give the little ones energy for their return to school.

White Chocolate Pistachio Brownie

White Chocolate Pistachio Brownie

In this article we show you how to make an exquisite dessert. A delicious white chocolate brownie with pistachios that was a hit at home this weekend.

Eggs stuffed with fish sticks

Eggs stuffed with crab sticks

In this article we show you a delicious and fresh recipe for eggs stuffed with fish sticks and pink sauce. A great snack for the summer.