finished recipe of rabbit with garlic

Rabbit with Garlic

As I always say, the rabbit is a healthy meat and easy to prepare so let's do it, let's make a delicious rabbit with garlic.

finished recipe of braised beef with mushrooms and peas

Stewed Beef with Mushrooms and Peas

Braised beef is a traditional recipe and today we are going to make it with mushrooms and peas. It is an easy recipe although some steps can be somewhat complicated.

finished recipe of turkey russian steak

Russian Turkey Fillet

Russian turkey fillet recipe is a simple way to prepare a traditional burger. And surely healthier than those that are already prepared.

finished recipe of rabbit baked with spices

Baked Rabbit with Spices

Simple recipe for baked rabbit with spices. It is a perfect delicacy for diets and it is also easy to season with spices or other elements. Crunchy is delicious.

finished baked stuffed potatoes recipe

Baked Stuffed Potatoes

Baked stuffed potatoes recipe. It is a simple preparation that gives good results both in terms of presentation and flavor.

finished recipe of stuffed squid tubes

Stuffed Squid Tubes

Recipe based on squid tubes stuffed with minced meat. It is a good, simple delicacy to prepare and that gives good results at the presentation level. It can also be filled with vegetables.

finished recipe of pizza with minced meat

Spicy Minced Meat Pizza

Simple pizza recipe with spicy minced meat. It is the best option to enjoy pizza, making it each one to your liking.

finished recipe of rabbit with prawns

Rabbit with Prawns

Recipe for rabbit with prawns, simple and quick to make. The prawns are flamed so that they taste better with the cognac. Rabbit is a healthy meat that should be consumed, due to its low fat, as long as it is not overcooked.

finished recipe of homemade meatloaf

Home made meat balls

Homemade meatloaf recipe, now they can be combined with other ingredients or tasted like this. It is simple to make and can be made with various types of meat.

recipe for pork trotters with scampi

Pig's Trotters with Scampi

Pork trotters with scampi recipe. It is simple to do, but it takes some time to cook the hands well, the other steps are quick. It is a peculiar dish that I love.

rich and simple rabbit recipe with romesco sauce

Rabbit with Romesco Sauce

Rabbit recipe in romesco sauce, simple and quick to prepare. The sauce can be made at home or purchased. The ingredients are the sauce and the rabbit.

stuffed aubergines with turkey

Turkey stuffed aubergines

An easy recipe that you can adapt to your liking. These stuffed aubergines accept a thousand combinations, I added a little ...

Lemon osobuco

Ingredients: 4 veal ossobucos Lemon zest 100g of butter 1 cup of dry white wine Meat broth ...

Lamb with mushrooms

Ingredients: 300g of mushrooms 2 lamb fillets Marsala wine 60 g of butter 1 clove of garlic 1 glass ...

Grilled Chicken Orange

  Ingredients: 1 large chicken 4 oranges 2 tablespoons mixed fresh herbs Pepper Salt and oil Preparation: Preheat ...

Leg of lamb in cider

    Ingredients: 2 kg leg of lamb Olive oil Sea salt A few sprigs of thyme 16 shallots 1/2…

Duck with beer

Ingredients: 1 duck of 1400 g 100cl beer 30 g of butter 1 onion 1 sprig of thyme 1 sprig of rosemary ...

Pork steaks with onions

These rich pork steaks make 4 servings, ideal to accompany a good white wine. It's an easy recipe ...

Spiced beef round

Ingredients: 1kg of round beef 1 tablespoon of ground pepper 1 and 1/2 tablespoon of sweet paprika 3 onions ...

Stuffed meatloaf

Ingredients: 200 grams of minced pork 200 grams of minced chicken meat Minced parsley 100g of bread ...

Tuna Sausage

Tuna is essential in the diet of the whole house since it is high in protein and low in fat ...

Turkish rice

Ingredients: 250g of rice 3 / 4kg of boneless lamb 2 onions 2 cloves of garlic 100g of currants Broth ...

Steamed pork ribs

If there is something delicious in the world of cooking, it is undoubtedly pork ribs. Today I will introduce you ...

Fried liver

Few children eat liver, so you have to disguise it for them to eat it. Try this recipe and tell me: ...

Baked Pork Loin

Rich recipe for baked pork loin, a little whim will never hurt anyone. Let's see the step by step.

Mustard peceto

Today we will see how to prepare meat but in a special way: Ingredients: 1 Peceto 2 meat or vegetable broths 1/2 ...

Milanese a la Provençal

Today I present you a recipe for Milanese a la Provençal so that you can be the queen of the kitchen. Ingredients 1…

Strogonoff meat

For demanding people, I present an easy and delicious dish for lovers of good food. Ingredients 450gr loin or rump ...

Mango stuffed pork

This is a meal only for demanding palates, and for you to be like a queen. Ingredients 2 mangoes 8 medallions ...

Buttered Roast Beef

Today I present you an ideal recipe for the fanatic (like me) of roast meats: Ingredients 1 kilo and 1/2 ...

Roast pork knuckle

INGREDIENTS (2 people): - a knuckle vacuum packed or bought fresh. All these ingredients if you buy fresh, put ...


INGREDINTES (for 4 people :): 750 kg. lamb sweetbreads extra virgin olive oil garlic paprika salt and pepper ...


INGREDIENTS: Pork loin tape, a kilo, more or less, in a piece. 2 large onions, 2-3 carrots, 2-3 ...