Marinated meat

Marinated meat, ideal for preparing all meats, they are juicy and tender with a lot of flavor. Everyone will like it.

chicken fingers

Chicken fingers, delicious chicken strips with a lot of flavor, ideal as a dish accompanied by a salad.

Marinated chicken

Chicken marinated, a chicken dish with a lot of flavor. Rich and easy to prepare that the whole family will like.

Loin with almond sauce

Loin with almond sauce, a very good and simple dish to prepare, ideal for a celebration or a family meal.

Sausages with baked potatoes

Sausages with baked potatoes, a dish that we can prepare in advance, is quick and simple. It is a very complete dish.

Dark background

Dark meat background

A dark background is a concentrated broth that is used as a base for many preparations, such as the one we will cook tomorrow.

Marinated ribs

Marinated ribs in the oven with potatoes, a very simple dish to make, in the oven it cooks quickly and it is a very good dish.

Ossobuco with peas

Ossobuco with peas, with turkey meat. A rich and simple dish with the pea sauce is very good.

Pancakes stuffed with meat

Pancakes stuffed with meat, a very simple dish that we can prepare for an informal dinner with friends or family.

Cheese stuffed burgers

Cheese stuffed burgers, homemade cheeseburgers that we can prepare at home. They can be accompanied by some potatoes.

Loin in carrot sauce

Loin in carrot sauce, a meat dish with its vegetables, a complete dish that we can prepare for a party meal.

Meatballs with mushrooms

Meatballs with mushrooms, a great and simple dish to make. Ideal for a lunch or dinner, a complete dish that everyone will like.

Beef with peppers

Beef with peppers, a simple and quick dish to prepare. Ideal for a lunch or dinner. As a single dish, it is very complete.

Garlic meatballs

Garlic meatballs, a simple recipe to make, a dish that we like a lot and that we can accompany with white rice, potatoes ...

Chorizos in white wine

Chorizos in white wine, a delicious dish to prepare for a snack or a starter. It is very good and we cannot miss the bread.

Ribs in beer sauce

Ribs in beer sauce, a rich dish ideal for a starter or dinner. A very simple dish to prepare.

Baked curry chicken wings

Chicken wings with curry a great dish of wings, with a lot of flavor. Ideal for an informal dinner, as an aperitif or as a main dish.

Loin rolls stuffed with cheese

Loin rolls stuffed with cheese, rich and juicy. As starters they are a delight and accompanied with potatoes it is a great dish.

Sausages in white wine

Sausages with white wine, a simple dish, ideal for a dinner or as a starter, accompany it with some potatoes or vegetables.

Baked curry chicken wings.

Chicken wings with baked curry, a delicious dish with a lot of flavor, a marinade that is great to prepare a meal with friends.

Pork tenderloin in sauce

Pork tenderloin in sauce, a perfect dish to prepare at parties or celebrations. A dish that we can prepare in advance.

Egg stuffed meatballs

Stuffed meatballs stuffed with eggs, a delicious and simple dish to prepare, ideal to eat as a starter or as an aperitif.

Chicken with carrot and pumpkin

Chicken with carrot and pumpkin, a rich and complete stew of meat and seasonal vegetables to prepare as a starter or a single dish.

Chicken in onion sauce

Chicken in onion sauce, a simple dish to prepare, with a lot of flavor. A chicken dish that the whole family will like.

Stuffed Eggplant Gratin

Stuffed au gratin aubergines, a very complete dish that can be prepared as a single dish. Ideal to take to work.

Pork ribs in sauce

Pork ribs in sauce, a simple and quick dish to prepare, ideal for a lunch or dinner. It can also be prepared in advance.

Meatballs in carrot sauce

Meatballs in carrot sauce

These meatballs in carrot sauce that I share today are a classic in my kitchen. A recipe that although not ...

Chicken stewed with mushrooms

Chicken stewed with mushrooms, a rich, simple and complete dish, ideal for the whole family. A dish that we can prepare in advance.

Baked rabbit with potatoes

Baked rabbit with potatoes, a simple dish to prepare, ideal for a lunch or dinner with friends or family. With vegetables it is a complete dish.

Pork with tomato

Pork with tomato, a simple and quick meat stew to prepare, very good and with a delicious sauce that you will like a lot.

Chicken wings with soy and honey

Chicken wings with soy and honey in the oven, a very good simple dish. It is prepared immediately and the wings are very good, juicy and crunchy.

Baked cheese stuffed loin

Loin stuffed with cheese in the oven with potatoes, a simple dish to make and is very popular. A juicy and rich tenderloin stuffed with cheese.

Spanish turkey ham

Spanish turkey ham

Today I bring you this simple and delicious recipe for Spanish turkey ham. An easy dish to prepare, ...

Veal in sauce with vegetables

Veal in sauce with vegetables, a quick dish prepared in an express pot. Ideal to prepare in advance. A very complete dish.

Lamb stew

Lamb stew

Lamb stew recipe with potatoes and vegetables, a different way of cooking this delicious meat. An ideal spoon dish

Chicken stuffed in sauce

Chicken stuffed in sauce with vegetables a simple and very varied dish. A complete dish that everyone will like, ideal for the whole family.

Pork loin roasted in its juice

Pork loin roasted in its juice

Pork loin roasted in its juice with fine herbs, a simple dish to prepare with a juicy and very tasty result, perfect for any occasion

Barbecue chicken wings

Barbecue chicken wings

These barbecue chicken wings have an Asian flair and a flavor that will win you over. Perfect for an informal lunch or dinner with friends.

Stuffed hamburger

Ham and cheese stuffed burger

Hamburger stuffed with Serrano ham, cooked ham and cheese. A very simple and easy to prepare recipe, perfect to surprise your guests

Pork Loin A Beer

Pork Loin A Beer

Quick Pot Beer Cooked Pork Loin Ribbon - An Easy Way To Cook This Lean, Low Fat Meat

Marinated ribs with potatoes

Marinated ribs with baked potatoes, a simple dish with a lot of flavor. Prepared in the oven, the ribs are rich and juicy.

Turkey curry

Turkey curry

Curried turkey sirloin accompanied by quinoa, a very low calorie dish perfect for all types of diets. Ideal for the whole family

Couscous with chickpeas and lamb meat

Couscous with chickpeas and lamb meat

The couscous with chickpeas and lamb meat that we propose today is a very complete and comforting dish, perfect for winter and the coldest days of spring.

Chicken with beer and mushrooms

Chicken with beer and mushrooms a simple and very good dish. Ideal to prepare in a short time. A great dish for the whole family.

Gardener Meatballs

Gardener Meatballs

The garden meatballs are a classic at our table. A dish in which meat and vegetables are combined and that everyone usually likes.

Old clothes with chickpeas

Old clothes with chickpeas

The old clothes with chickpeas is a great recipe of classic use, very comforting at this time of year. Give it a try!

Crispy chicken breasts in sauce

Crispy chicken breasts with sauce

The chicken breasts that we propose today are tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. Accompany them with your favorite sauce!

Meatballs in sauce

Meatballs in sauce

The recipe that we bring today is about some meatballs in sauce, which accompanied by mashed potatoes, a salad or a little boiled rice can give us a super menu.

Puff pastry stuffed with meat

Puff pastry stuffed with meat a simple and easy to prepare dish, a savory cake that we can prepare these parties. You will surely like it very much.

Chopped roast in dressing

Chopped roast in dressing

Today's recipe may or may not like a lot at all: Roast chopped in dressing. You've tried? Would you repeat?

Loins with soy sauce

Today we bring you an ideal recipe for the most carnivores: Loins with soy sauce. A different touch for such a common and ordinary meat at our table.

Rice with chicken giblets

Today's recipe is about rice: Rice with chicken giblets, a simple recipe to make and very economical for the family pocket.

Baked Pork Loin

Baked Pork Loin

Discover these recipes to prepare baked pork tenderloin in a simple way. How to make it juicy? Discover here the secret to cook it

Couscous with meat with tomato

Couscous with meat with tomato

The couscous with meat with tomato that we prepare today is a quick proposal to include in the weekly family menu. Do you dare to prepare it?

Pistachio Crusted Lamb Chops

Pistachio Crusted Lamb Chops

The pistachio crusted lamb chops that we prepare today can be a great alternative for your next barbecue with friends.

Chicken breasts curry

Chicken breasts curry

The curried chicken breasts that we prepare today will fill your kitchen with aromas. This simple and quick recipe is ...

Rabbit stew with beer

A rabbit stew with beer, a very simple homemade dish with a lot of flavor, we can accompany it with some potatoes or vegetables.

Sirloin chopped in sauce

This recipe that we present today is designed for the most carnivores. It is a sirloin chopped in sauce garnished with potatoes. Very rich!

Loin with caramelized onion

This tenderloin with caramelised onion will delight everyone: it is delicious, it is a very tasty meat and it is also a very simple dish to make.

Homemade San Jacobos

These delicious homemade San Jacobos can be a simple meal to make and also very helpful when we do not have a dinner or lunch plan. Do you feel like it?

Churrasco cured with spices

In this dish there are two main ingredients: churrasco meat and cured cheese, without forgetting the spicy touch that makes each dish a different delicacy.

Roast chicken with brussels sprouts

Roast chicken with brussels sprouts

This roast chicken with Brussels sprouts is simple and convenient to prepare; ideal for the next Christmas parties. Let the oven do the work for you.

Baked Macaroni

Recipe for baked macaroni gratin, a very complete and simple dish to prepare where the little ones will enjoy eating.

BBQ rib with rice

BBQ rib with rice

Today we are preparing roasted rib with barbecue sauce, a recipe with an intense flavor and a spicy point that we will serve with white rice.

Meatballs in onion sauce

Recipe for meatballs in sauce, a homemade recipe with a sauce for dipping bread, which everyone will like at home, try it, you will like it !!

Turkey and zucchini stuffed peppers

Turkey and zucchini stuffed peppers

Today we make some peppers stuffed with turkey, cabbage and zucchini in the oven and serve them with tomato sauce and grated queao. The tests?

Eggplant Lasagna

A very good aubergine lasagna, it is a very complete dish accompanied by a salad, we can make it as a single dish, you will surely like it.

Fried chicken balls

Today we present an ideal recipe for all audiences: from the smallest to the most adult. Is a…

Eggplant stuffed with meat

Aubergines stuffed with meat is an ideal recipe for the whole family, especially when we have guests at home ...

Marinated chicken

Making pickled chicken is the easiest, and very versatile. It is as good when it is hot with spaghetti as it is when it is cold in salad.

Meat and pepper pie

Do you like empanadas? This one that I bring you is 100% homemade and very simple to make ... It is enough to have a ...

Fried marinated chicken

Personally, I've been very tired lately of eating chicken meat. It has become somewhat insipid and its flavor every ...

Lemon Spice Chicken Thighs

These chicken drumsticks with lemon and spices that we bring you in today's recipe are perfect to make ...

Turkey fillets with fine herbs

Well, I'm going ahead with my "bikini operation"! And that the spirit does not decline ... If the other day I brought you ...

Herb-roasted loin

Oven-roasted tenderloin is an easy recipe that everyone likes. Roasting it in the oven does not give us work and we can season it with whatever we want.

Buttered tenderloins

Normally we are used to cooking the pork loin in a sauce with a wine background or roasting it to ...

Meat with tomato

Meat with tomato

  If there is a recipe that we especially like, it is this Meat with tomato. Yes, it is a simple dish, but ...

Lamb stew with peppers

Lamb stew with pepper sauce

This lamb stew with peppers is one of those comforting dishes that helps you cope with the cold temperatures. A…

Meat for fillings

This meat for fillings will get you out of more than one trouble when making, for example, aubergines ...

Meatballs with beer sauce

Meatballs with beer sauce

The meatballs with beer sauce that we prepare today are baked in the oven and are a great dish for the whole family.

Lemon chicken

Today's recipe is designed especially for those who love fitness and bodybuilding who need to eat big ...

Chopped chicken rice

Today's is a recipe that almost everyone likes, why? Because its two main ingredients, the ...

Lamb with Provencal herbs

I hope you like this recipe for lamb with Provencal herbs. Lamb is a meat with a very special flavor. Do you like it?

Chicken to the beer

This beer chicken will delight everyone any day of the year. A very tasty dish thanks to its almond sauce and beer.

Thai galet soup

This Christmas we come very up and take a version of one of the very classic Christmas tablecloths with a fusion touch: 'Thai galet soup'

Potato stew with meat

Do you like this stew of potatoes with meat? It is usually one of the wildcard recipes in all houses.

Turkish lamb meatballs

Discover the step by step of one of the most characteristic dishes of Turkish cuisine: Turkish lamb meatloaf (lamb kofte). Delicious

Chicken breasts with cream

If you try these delicious creamy chicken breasts, you will not want to eat them any other way. They are juicy and their cream sauce is mild in flavor.

Baked rice

How to prepare a baked rice in record time ?. Try this wonderful recipe and enjoy like a dwarf, you will do sports later.

Sirloin stuffed with roasted potatoes

Do you prepare this rich sirloin stuffed with roasted potatoes? It is very good, it is a very rich and juicy meat and the potatoes, the best accompaniment.

Sandwich burger

A hamburger in a chicken or beef sandwich can be one of the richest, healthiest and most creative meals you can cook. Give it imagination!

Home made meat balls

Try making these delicious homemade meatballs and you will never want to eat prepared ones again. They are delicious!

Croquettes from the stew

The croquettes of the stew are usually the richest recipe of our mothers ... Almost all have the same ingredients but none tastes the same as another.

Loin in mushroom sauce

Loin in mushroom sauce, a rich combination dish that we have accompanied with a fried egg. Take out the bread and dunk!

Black pudding stew

Discover the nutritional values ​​of blood sausage with this wonderful black pudding stew, perfect for athletes or those with anemia

Meat and rice

Rice with meat, an ideal spoonful dish for days when the heat is not excessive and autumn begins to appear.

Chicken tacos

These rich chicken tacos with vegetables and hot sauce can be a special dinner to share with friends. Do you write it down?

Scrambled eggs with chicken with mushrooms

This chicken scrambled with mushrooms in wine will please everyone. It is a dish with which you will not fail and you will be called "the queen" or "the king" of the kitchen.

Roasted tomato and meat towers

How to get the little ones in the house to eat vegetables? Try these roasted tomato and meat towers. They look like hamburgers!

Jack Daniels Ribs

Delicious and very simple recipe to get some genuine Jack Daniels ribs, very tasty and tremendously tender.

Russian steaks «atomataos»

This delicious recipe for "atomataos" Russian steaks with a touch of ginger is perfect to fill the tuppers of your trips to the beach, countryside or mountains.

Baked chicken and vegetables

Baked chicken and vegetables, a simple dish to make and that takes very little time to prepare. You will only need an oven, chicken and a lot of vegetables.

Sirloin in carrot sauce

Sirloin in carrot sauce: a unique dish that will satisfy and delight all diners in the house, from the largest to the smallest.

Moussaka for beginners

Immerse yourself in the wonderful Greek gastronomy with this delicious moussaka for beginners. It's like a lasagna

Minced meat for pasta

Minced meat for pasta: macaroni, spaghetti, etc. Now your pasta will be more tasty and nutritious.

Pork ribs with beer

One of the best baked meat dishes out there is possibly this Beer Pork Ribs recipe. Easy and delicious.

Stewed arabic hash

This stewed Arabic picadillo is an (easy) tribute to the typical Arabic Kefta, yes, adapted to pantries made in Spain. Easy, delicious and healthy.

Meatballs with potatoes

Meatballs with chips: a unique dish that will leave you satiated and with a good taste in your mouth. Delicious!

Roast lamb with lemon

How do you get a mouthful that melts in your mouth? With good stuff, patience and an oven. This recipe for roasted lamb with lemon is a perfect example

Beef round in Porto

Beef round in Porto

The round of veal in Porto sauce is a fantastic dish for any compromise. You can prepare it in advance.

Whiskey meatballs

These whiskey meatballs can be served as a unique dish for their rich nutritional value. A simple but very complete recipe.

Sephardic stew

Sephardic beef stew

This Sephardic beef stew has a succulent sauce that combines sweet and spicy aromas. It has an advantage; be able to prepare it in advance

Tenderloin steaks in pepper sauce

Tenderloin steaks in pepper sauce

In this article we talk about a very simple and healthy loin steak recipe that you can make in a short time for both lunch and dinner.

Beef stew with potatoes

Beef stew with potatoes

This beef stew with potatoes and vegetables is a very complete dish that uses a lot of energy. Perfect for feeding the whole family.

Chicken and cured cheese empanada

Chicken and cured cheese empanada

In this article we show you how to make a rich empanada stuffed with chicken and cured cheese béchamel. An exquisite flavor blend, great for dinner.

Fried beef liver

Simple fried beef liver

We show you the correct way to fry the liver and make it tastier with a touch of vinegar and parsley.

Rice with chicken and squid

Rice with chicken and squid

The traditional chicken rice serves as a base to take advantage of other ingredients that we have at home. We make a rice with vegetables, chicken and squid.

Beef tongue in sauce

Beef tongue in sauce

Veal tongue is a very tender meat that some like and others shy away. Today we show you how to prepare it in sauce.

Risotto with sausage

Risotto with sausage

To start this new autumn season, I have prepared a delicious risotto with sausage to lick your fingers, I hope you enjoy it.

Longaniza in wine sauce

Longaniza in wine sauce

In this article we show you how to make a very fast recipe with sausages. They are bathed in an exquisite wine sauce.

Cheddar Meat and Potato Pie

Cheddar Meat and Potato Pie

In this article we teach you how to make a use recipe. A delicious meatloaf and mashed potatoes with cheddar cheese.

Cooked meat with tomato sauce

Cooked meat with tomato sauce

We show you a simple way to take advantage of the cooked meat that you use to prepare broth. Cooked meat with flavored tomato sauce.