Ham and cheese omelette

Ham and cheese omelette, a rich and wonderful very juicy omelette. Tortillas is a recipe of the most ...

Home made meat balls

Homemade meatballs, a dish that everyone likes a lot, but especially the little ones. A very simple and easy homemade tomato sauce.

Cuttlefish with paprika onion

Cuttlefish with paprika onion

The cuttlefish with onions with paprika that we prepare today are a great resource for a quick impromptu dinner. Do you dare to try them?

Turmeric falafel

Turmeric falafel

About a year ago we made carrot falafel on this very page. Today we prepare this kind of croquette again ...

Polenta and cheese sticks

Polenta and cheese sticks

Are you looking for alternatives for your aperitif? These polenta cheese sticks are. Crispy on the outside and very tender on the ...

Green Asparagus Cream

Green asparagus cream, ideal for preparing hot or cold creams or soups. A healthy and inexpensive dish, quick to prepare.

Christmas table

2019 Christmas menu

During the last weeks we have been proposing different recipes with which to complete your Christmas menu. The majority…

Apple and yogurt cups

Glasses of apple and yogurt, a simple recipe to prepare for dessert after a good meal. It is very healthy and likes it a lot.

Butifarra with mushrooms

Butifarra with mushrooms, a very simple and quick recipe that we can prepare for the whole family. A dish with a lot of flavor.

Ham and cheese cake

Ham and cheese cake, a simple recipe that everyone will like. A simple recipe ideal for an informal dinner with friends.

Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

Are you looking for new cookie recipes to complete breakfasts and snacks or treat yourself between meals? These pumpkin cookies ...

Puff pastry cake with angel hair

Puff pastry coca with angel hair, a simple, homemade and crunchy coca. Very good for a dessert, to accompany a coffee or for a Night of San Juan

Spinach and Strawberry Salad

Spinach and strawberry salad, with the arrival of good weather the salads are very appetizing. They can be prepared from so many ...

Fried milk

Fried milk, a traditional recipe that is prepared at Easter, a simple, delicious and very creamy recipe that everyone will like.

Pasta with spinach and chicken

Pasta with spinach and chicken a simple and easy recipe to prepare, ideal for children to eat vegetables. A very complete dish.

Avocado and boiled egg salad

Avocado and boiled egg salad

The avocado and boiled egg salad is very fresh, ideal to serve as a starter or to accompany another dish when the sun is hot.

mushroom and cheese croquettes

Mushroom and cheese croquettes

Croquettes are always a great resource as a starter. And these mushroom and cheese croquettes are a great alternative for the next Christmas meal.

Veal cheeks christmas menu

Christmas menu

Christmas menu for this year, with typical Christmas recipes and special recipes. You will surely succeed at home with these dishes.

Rice salad with tuna and avocado

Rice salad with tuna and avocado

Today we propose a simple recipe that you can prepare in 10 minutes: rice salad with tuna and avocado. Ideal for a day in a hurry.

Salad stuffed eggs

Eggs stuffed with salad, another way to eat salad but being a complete, rich and perfect dish to prepare as a starter or for a dinner. Eggs stuffed with salad, a simple and fresh dish to prepare as a starter, a very complete dish that everyone will like.

Vegetable pie with raisins and pine nuts

Vegetable pie with raisins and pine nuts, a filling with a sauce and a touch of raisins and pine nuts, a very juicy pie. There is a lot of variety of Vegetable Empanada with raisins and pine nuts, an empanada with a lot of flavor, ideal to prepare at a dinner with friends. It will like a lot.

Apple cinnamon muffins

Apple cinnamon muffins

If you want to treat yourself to a sweet treat for breakfast or a snack, try these apple and cinnamon muffins with walnut topping. Tender and crisp.

Chicken with beer and mushrooms

Chicken with beer and mushrooms a simple and very good dish. Ideal to prepare in a short time. A great dish for the whole family.

Milk pudding

Homemade rice pudding, a traditional dessert that cannot be missing from our table during these days of Easter. A delicious dessert !!!

light zucchini cream

Light zucchini cream

The light zucchini cream is very easy to prepare and perfect to incorporate into a weight loss diet. Do you dare to prepare it?

Puff pastry squares

Puff pastry squares a simple and quick dessert to prepare. Great to prepare for any occasion and enjoy them.

Artichokes Omelet

Artichoke omelette a simple and very good vegetable recipe that we can prepare with the ingredients that we like the most.

Pie with pecorino cheese

Sheep's cheese tart, a delicious tart with a lot of cheese flavor, accompanied by walnuts goes very well. A great cake for a dessert.

Round beef with mushrooms

Round of veal with mushrooms, a great dish to prepare these holidays. It is fast and is very good with mushrooms. Everyone will like it!

Ribs in sauce with potatoes

Ribs in sauce with potatoes a simple and rich dish that we can have prepared in advance. An inexpensive and easy dish.

Baked chicken with curry

Baked chicken with curry a flavorful dish, accompanied by some potatoes. Rich and simple that we can cook in a short time.

Roast ribs and sausages

Roast ribs and sausages with seasonal mushrooms a good, simple and very good dish to enjoy a good meat dish.

Chickpeas with vegetables

Chickpeas with vegetables

The chickpeas with vegetables that we prepare today are simple and ideal to incorporate into our weekly menu now that the cold returns.

Amount of pasta per person

We show you how to calculate the amount of pasta per person for your meals, including if you are going to make a salad, spaghetti, soup and more!

finished recipe of rice omelette

Rice Omelette

Easy rice omelette recipes, we teach you how to cook it quickly and in multiple ways: Japanese style, baked, with brown rice and more!

Flan with microwave muffins

Flan with muffins in the microwave, a homemade dessert, simple and quick, it is great and it is prepared in a short time. You dare to do it !!!

Macaroni with tofu

Macaroni and tofu, a simple, light and healthy pasta recipe, a complete meal with a lot of flavor. If you like healthy, you will like this dish.


Salad is a fresh, simple and homemade traditional dish to prepare in summer. A recipe that is good for us as a tapa or a starter.

Chickpea curry with cauliflower

Chickpea curry with cauliflower

Today we present you a simple, quick and nutritious recipe: curried chickpeas with cauliflower. A great unique dish for when we are in a hurry.

Cheese and turkey crepe

Cheese and turkey crepe, a simple and rich recipe to prepare for a snack or dinner, which everyone will like, especially the little ones.

Bacon and cheese quiche

Bacon and cheese quiche a savory cake, simple and easy to prepare, for a starter or an informal dinner is great !!!

Piquillos' peppers full of meat

Piquillo peppers stuffed with meat, a simple recipe that we can prepare for a dinner or as a snack, they are great. Try them !!!

Tuna stuffed dumplings

Recipe for dumplings stuffed with tuna, homemade and prepared in the oven, they are much lighter and very good. A simple recipe.


Seafood fideuá recipe, a simple and delicious dish that we can prepare for the whole family, sure that everyone will like it.

Stuffed Eggplant

Recipe for aubergines stuffed with meat and vegetables, a very healthy dish, simple to prepare and that everyone will like. Try it !!!

Rice and tuna salad

Recipe for rice salad with tuna, a fresh dish to prepare in summer, it is simple, quick to prepare and with a lot of flavor.

Wafer cake and Nutella

Wafer cake and Nutella, an easy, rich and quick recipe to prepare, is great to prepare at parties and birthdays for the little ones.

Microwave cheesecake

Microwave cheesecake recipe a simple and quick dessert that we can prepare at home, which will please everyone for its rich flavor

Chicken wings with honey

Baked honey chicken wings, a simple and very tasty recipe. A dish that everyone will like very much, honey gives it a very good point.

Grilled cuttlefish

A recipe for grilled cuttlefish with garlic and parsley sauce, a simple and light dish that we can prepare in a very short time.

Baked hake

A recipe for baked hake with a garnish of potatoes, onion and peeled prawns, a complete dish that is easy to prepare.

Cheese tartlets

A recipe for cheese tarts, a great proposal to prepare for a snack or dinner. Very simple to prepare.

Cod salad with orange

Cod salad with orange, a fresh recipe full of flavor, that we can prepare as a starter, it is a very complete and simple dish.

Muffins with olive oil

Recipe for muffins with olive oil, traditional homemade muffins, rich and fluffy, very simple to prepare.

Garlic soups

A garlic soup recipe, a traditional homemade dish, a simple and tasty soup that our grandmothers prepared, with very few ingredients.

Cold spinach and avocado cream

Cold spinach and avocado cream

The cold spinach and avocado cream that we prepare today is very creamy. A fantastic option to start your meal next summer.

Pasta with cheese sauce and bacon

Pasta with cheese sauce and bacon, a good pasta dish, simple and rich with the cheese sauce, which gives it a lot of flavor. A very complete dish.

Seafood in salsa

Squid in sauce, a very simple homemade fish dish that is very good to make, with a sauce for dipping bread. You sign up !!!

Spaghetti with old clothes

In today's article we present the recipe for some delicious spaghetti with old clothes: take advantage of the food and do not throw it away.

Yogurt and apple cake

Recipe for a yogurt and apple sponge cake, to prepare a breakfast or a snack, it is very tasty, it is easy to prepare and everyone likes it.

Hummus chickpea

A recipe for Hummus, a homemade dish that comes from the Middle East and is known all over the world. For a snack with some toast it is great.

Two-color sponge cake

Two-color sponge cake, a simple, fluffy and easy-to-prepare homemade sweet, for a snack or breakfast is great. Sure you like it !!!

Garlic chicken

Garlic chicken is a very simple and easy recipe to prepare with a very good sauce that we can accompany with some vegetables or fried potatoes.

Cream and bacon pizza

Cream and bacon pizza recipe, a very good recipe that is prepared with a cream and bacon cream, is very simple to prepare.

Muffins with walnuts

Recipe for muffins with walnuts, to enjoy for breakfast or for a snack. A sweet that everyone always likes and with nuts they are great.

Dumplings stuffed with meat

Recipe of dumplings stuffed with minced meat, a starter or accompaniment that everyone likes and that are very good, try them in the oven !!!

Orange sponge cake

An orange cake with chocolate chips, very healthy since it contains orange juice and it is a rich and very juicy cake.

Ravioli with walnut sauce

Ravilois recipe with walnut sauce, stuffed with goat cheese and caramelized onion, a dish full of contrasts and flavors. A delight !!!

Sirloin in red wine sauce

Sirloin steak recipe in red wine sauce, a simple and good dish to prepare at parties, with a delicious sauce that everyone will like.

Chocolate nougat cake

Chocolate nougat cake, fabulous dessert to prepare these Christmas parties, easy to make and without an oven.

Squid stuffed with meat

A recipe for squid stuffed with meat, a delicious dish to prepare on special days and look good with the guests.

Christmas menu

Christmas menu

As every year in Cooking Recipes we propose different ideas to complete a tasty, simple and inexpensive Christmas menu.

Manchego mantecados

A recipe for mantecados from La Mancha, a typical Christmas sweet that you cannot miss at this time of year, you are sure to like them !!!

Pumpkin cream with prawns

Pumpkin cream with prawns, a very easy and quick homemade recipe to prepare, a perfect dish to prepare at parties as a starter.

Savory puff pastry appetizers

Recipe for savory puff pastry appetizers, to prepare at parties or on special occasions and surprise our diners. You will like them!!!

Chicken with prawns

Chicken with prawns or sea and mountain recipe, a combination of meat and fish that is surprising because of how good it is, accompanied by a good sauce.

Microwave biscuit flan

Today we wanted to bring a delicious, simple, inexpensive dessert that is ready in the microwave in 15 minutes: microwave biscuit flan.

Chocolate volcano

A recipe for a chocolate volcano or chocolate coulant, a delicious dessert for chocolatiers. A very simple homemade dessert to prepare.

Ham and cheese puff pastry rolls

The recipe for baked ham and cheese puff pastry rolls, serves as an appetizer or as a starter, very easy to prepare and they are very good.

Mashed potatoes with tuna

A recipe for mashed potatoes with tuna, a very complete homemade hot dish that will appeal to young and old alike. You want to try it !!!

Hazelnut brownie

A recipe for brownie with hazelnuts, a homemade chocolate cake, a typical American dessert, rich and simple. Go ahead and prepare it !!!

Egg, vanilla and biscuit flan

In Kitchen Recipes we present today this delicious dessert recipe for the sweetest of the family: an egg flan, vanilla and cookies.

Galician-style morro

A recipe for Morro a la Gallega, a dish very similar to Galician octopus, typical of Galician taverns where they prepare it delicious. You will like.

Mini chocolate filled croissants

Puff pastry croissants filled with chocolate cream, a simple recipe that we can prepare without difficulty and that everyone will like. Try it !!!

Beef with beer

Beef with beer, a simple and quick dish to prepare, with a very good sauce accompanied by mushrooms, a very complete dish.

Microwave pumpkin flan

Microwave pumpkin flan recipe, rich and very easy to prepare, for a dessert it is very good, due to its soft and sweet texture. It will like you!!!

Pumpkin and pipe cake

Pumpkin and pipe cake a great breakfast or snack for the little ones, for all the nutrients it provides. A traditional cake for Halloween.

Sponge cake with yogurt

A homemade recipe for sponge cake with yogurt, ideal for breakfasts, snacks or even as a base to make a birthday cake.

Dorada with piquillo pepper sauce

A recipe for sea bream in piquillo pepper sauce, a smooth and simple sauce that we can prepare to accompany any dish. You will like!!!

Meat Stuffed Potato Pumps

Recipe of bombs filled with meat with a spicy touch, a rich and easy to prepare tapa or skewer, it is worth it. Try it !!!

Cold melon soup with ham

A cold melon and ham soup, another way to eat fruit, a healthy and simple dish to prepare. A delicious starter for the summer.You will like it !!


Salmorejo recipe, very fresh and loaded with vitamins, it is a very complete dish and as a starter it is very good, so I encourage you to try it.

Sponge cake with cherries

A tender and juicy cake with cherries, rich for breakfast or a snack, full of vitamins, with much healthier fruit, you will like it.

Frankfurt flamenquins

Frankfurt sausages are very popular in sandwiches, or as so-called hot dogs, but these rolls with cheese and batters are very good.

Chocolate bundt cake

If you like chocolate a lot, you cannot miss this Bundt cake. This cake is so fluffy and juicy that it will make your mouth water.

Sugar clouds

Homemade sugar clouds

Preparing homemade clouds is very easy and you do not need any exceptional ingredient other than sugar and gelatin, yes, an electric mixer is essential.

Chopped chicken rice

Today's is a recipe that almost everyone likes, why? Because its two main ingredients, the ...

Sauteed Pasta with Broccoli

A plate of pasta under 300 calories? This pasta sautéed with broccoli is a delicacy that you must include in your maintenance diet

Spicy cucumber snack

There is no healthier club than the cucumber club. With this special spicy cucumber snack for diets you will discover how to pamper yourself with a hot touch

Roasted garlic radishes

A side dish for your meat or fish dishes? A unique dish to satisfy you with the minimum of calories? These garlic roasted radishes are GOD.

Low calorie coleslaw

A recipe below 300 calories to regain your figure after the holidays? Try this delicious low calorie coleslaw. Delicious

Caramelized onion coca

A delicious recipe for less than € 2 per potion? Try this recipe for caramelized onion coca

Chickpea omelette

Have you tried the chickpea omelette? It is an ideal recipe to make tapas and pinchos prior to the main meal.

Menu for this Christmas

What do you think of this menu for this Christmas? You have to choose between three hors d'oeuvres, three first courses, three seconds and three desserts. Merry christmas!

Turkish lamb meatballs

Discover the step by step of one of the most characteristic dishes of Turkish cuisine: Turkish lamb meatloaf (lamb kofte). Delicious

Roast pork (Sunday roast)

Today we take you to Great Britain with the tablecloth in tow thanks to this Roast pork especially suitable for hungry beginners

Carrot, celery and chives omelette

Omelette to succeed without onion and potato? Yes! And not with 2 eggs, but with 4. Dare to try this marvel of carrot, celery and chives omelette

Avocados stuffed with turkey and bacon

Discover with this recipe for avocados stuffed with turkey and bacon how to take care of your cholesterol in a very pleasant way and without making sacrifices

Mussels au gratin

If you are on the hunt for a different recipe, high in protein and low in calories, do not hesitate, go for these mussels gratin

Cauliflower Salad

Cauliflower salad, rich, healthy and very beneficial for our body, due to the great properties of all its ingredients.

Putanesca pasta

If you are hunting and catching a sauce with personality to accompany your pasta dish, try this pasta a la putanesca. A MARVEL

salmon with avocado dressing

This salmon with avocado and cherrys dressing is a perfect dish for a hot summer day as well as a healthy and low-fat option

Sobrasada dumplings

Discover one of the best kept secrets of Mallorcan gastronomy with these sobrasada dumplings

Salty sausage pie

This savory sausage cake (toad in a hole) is one of the jewels of the British crown. Do not forget to accompany it with a good jet of gravy! Delicious

Egg bagle, bacon and bechamel

If you want to offer a brunch at home and be the perfect hostess, you cannot forget this bagle of egg, bacon and bechamel

Creamy chicken and artichoke rice

What to do with the remaining food ? Reinvent it! Find out how to make this creamy chicken and artichoke rice delight using the leftovers

Warm chickpea salad

This warm chickpea salad is a great way to take care of your line in a healthy and balanced way, as well as delicious

Meringue sighs

Meringue sighs recipe: you only need two ingredients, sugar and egg whites.

Microwave Chocolate Brownie

A delicious microwave chocolate brownie prepared in just 3 minutes. Rich, sweet, for those with a sweet tooth.

Manu for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Menu

In this article we present a fantastic Valentine's menu with simple and delicious recipes to surprise the couple on that special day.

Fried beef liver

Simple fried beef liver

We show you the correct way to fry the liver and make it tastier with a touch of vinegar and parsley.

Almond muffins

Almond muffins

Are you going to prepare the snack? How about some homemade almond muffins? In Cooking Recipes we tell you how to prepare them.

Easy dough dough

Easy, hassle-free dough dough

We show you a quick and easy way to make dough for dumplings; a dough that you can also use in your empanadas or pizzas.

Chocolate mocha cookie cake

Cookie, mocha and chocolate cake

This is a perfect recipe for birthdays and family gatherings; an easy-to-make, no-bake, no-bake, chocolate-covered cookie and mocha cake!

Bone a turkey, carcassless turkey

How to bone a turkey

Do you want to make a stuffed turkey and do not know how to bone it? Here we explain with a video a very simple way to bone a turkey, you will see how easy

Vegetable bouillon cubes

Homemade bouillon cubes

Instead of using the classic ready-made bouillon tablets, what do you think if we make our own bouillon cubes? Easy, healthy and natural.

Chicken breasts stuffed with béchamel sauce

Villaroy breasts

Villaroy breasts: chicken breasts with béchamel sauce. Ideal to accompany with french fries or salad.


Nectarine properties

Nothing better than taking nectarines in our daily diet, that's why we show you here the properties and benefits.


Radishes properties

We are talking to you today about the benefits and properties of radishes, so that you can include them in your daily diet.


The benefits of the egg

We all know that food is a more than important point for the health of our body, that is why we believe ...


Almond milk benefits

We are talking today about the benefits and properties of almond milk for the body.


Coconut oil benefits

Here we talk to you today about the properties and benefits that coconut oil intake has for the body, because it is healthy.


Benefits of red fruits

We are talking today about the benefits and properties that red fruits bring to the body, because they are delicious and healthy.


Pepper benefits

For today we talk about the benefits and properties of pepper, so that you include it in your daily diet.


The benefits of asparagus

The benefits of some foods sometimes go unnoticed, so today we are going to learn more about those of asparagus.


Watermelon Benefits

There are many beneficial fruits for our health, one of them is watermelon, we are going to get to know it better, to introduce it in our recipe.


Salmon properties

One of the fish with more properties is salmon. Today we are going to get to know him better.


Benefits of mushrooms

One of the most popular mushrooms is champignons, today we are going to get to know them better to enjoy their benefits.


Benefits of lentils

One of the foods that make us eat the most is lentils, because they provide us with iron, we are going to get to know them better to enjoy them.


Carrot benefits

Today we know the benefits of carrots. Let's see how this rich vegetable can help us to improve our health.


Sugar or saccharin?

Doubt always assails us about the idea of ​​sugar and saccharin, here we give you some advice on the subject.


Broccoli benefits

There are many foods that we must take into account when eating and broccoli is one of them. Let's see its benefits.

Eggplants in Milanese

Recipe for breaded aubergines to eat baked gratin or in a delicious vegetarian sandwich.

Properties of raisins

Properties of raisins

Properties of raisins, raisins are rich in carbohydrates although it is undoubtedly one of the nuts with fewer calories

finished recipe of chicken marinated with Canarian adobo

Chicken Macerated with Canarian Adobo

Simple recipe for chicken marinated with Canarian adobo. Let's see the step by step to enjoy this delicious delicacy, which will leave us a special flavor.

How to prevent pasta from sticking

How to prevent pasta from sticking

Simple trick so that the pasta does not stick, do you make pasta does it stick? Here we show you how to ensure that the pasta does not stick

Soldier's finished recipe

Drink with Coffee: Soldier »

Recipe to prepare a refreshing drink based on coffee, soda and ice. We are going to see the step by step for its elaboration.

finished recipe baked chicken breasts with spices

Baked Chicken Breasts with Spices

Today we are going to try to give a special touch to the chicken breast, to make it easier to eat. We hope it works, let's see the step by step.

finished stuffed cucumbers recipe

Stuffed Spanish Cucumbers

Stuffed Spanish cucumber recipe. Rich and healthy is a good way to prepare this vegetable, since it is a good delicacy when fresh in summer.

finished recipe of ossobuco with mushrooms

Beef Ossobuco with Mushrooms

Ossobuco recipe for veal with mushrooms, simple and delicious, as well as original. We are going to see the step by step to elaborate it.

finished artichoke salad recipe

Artichoke Salad

Rich artichoke salad with various ingredients in canned sauce. Like anchovies, piquillo etc. It is also easy to prepare.

finished recipe of squid rings with mushrooms

Squid Rings with Mushrooms

Simple and healthy recipe for squid rings with mushrooms. Its preparation is simple and we will not have to spend many hours in the kitchen.

finished recipe of rabbit with garlic

Rabbit with Garlic

As I always say, the rabbit is a healthy meat and easy to prepare so let's do it, let's make a delicious rabbit with garlic.

finished recipe of braised beef with mushrooms and peas

Stewed Beef with Mushrooms and Peas

Braised beef is a traditional recipe and today we are going to make it with mushrooms and peas. It is an easy recipe although some steps can be somewhat complicated.

finished recipe of mushroom cap with quail egg

Mushroom Tapa with Quail Egg

Originality in the world of tapas is always good. And today I bring you a rich recipe to create a peculiar tapa, of mushroom with quail egg.

recipes with sirloin

Sirloin Bags

I had some goat cheese medallions about to expire in the fridge ... and of course ...

finished monkfish recipe with garnish

Monkfish with Garnish

Monkfish is a fish that goes well with everything and today I bring it to you with an excellent garnish (at least for me), green peppers and chanterelles.

finished recipe of turkey russian steak

Russian Turkey Fillet

Russian turkey fillet recipe is a simple way to prepare a traditional burger. And surely healthier than those that are already prepared.

finished recipe for zucchini stir fry with mushrooms

Sautéed Zucchini with Mushrooms

Cook fast and healthy, we can't ask for anything more. It only takes a bit of desire and the rest will come out on its own. Health is important so let's take care of it.

finished recipe of rabbit baked with spices

Baked Rabbit with Spices

Simple recipe for baked rabbit with spices. It is a perfect delicacy for diets and it is also easy to season with spices or other elements. Crunchy is delicious.

Easter Monas

Easter Monas

La Mona de Pascua is a typical recipe for Holy Week and Easter days in many Spanish regions, such as ...

finished recipe for crispy rice

Crispy Rice

Crispy rice recipe, a simple way to recycle and surprise with different ideas. So to enjoy the gastronomy.

finished baked stuffed potatoes recipe

Baked Stuffed Potatoes

Baked stuffed potatoes recipe. It is a simple preparation that gives good results both in terms of presentation and flavor.

finished cod recipe with eggs and raisins

Cod with Eggs and Raisins

Ideal recipe for Lenten dates, but the truth is that it is a delicious delicacy that combines with any day. It also combines several ingredients that offer a special sweet and sour taste.

finished recipe of stuffed squid tubes

Stuffed Squid Tubes

Recipe based on squid tubes stuffed with minced meat. It is a good, simple delicacy to prepare and that gives good results at the presentation level. It can also be filled with vegetables.

finished recipe of green asparagus with red garlic sauce

Green Asparagus with Red Garlic Sauce

Vegetables should be part of our diet and for them to taste better we must come up with new flavors that we like. Green asparagus with red garlic sauce is a simple and delicious recipe.

finished carrot chips recipe

Carrot Chips

Carrot chips recipe, easy and quick to make. It also offers a new dish to our appetizer recipes. Comment that it can be made with other foods.

finished crosto recipe

Crosto: Puff Pastry Timbale with Macaroni

Recipe of Italian origin that combines puff pastry, pasta and various ingredients. The ingredients that are mixed with the macaroni can be different, it depends on the imagination or the taste of each one.

finished recipe of cod with chanfaina

Cod with Chanfaina

Recipe based on fish, cod, and vegetables, pepper, eggplant and tomato. Easy and rich, ideal for a Lenten day or another day. Remember that cod can be exchanged for other fish.

Banana skewer with finished Iberian ham

Banana Skewer with Iberian Ham

Recipe for a pincho based on banana and Iberian ham. It is simple and fast, as well as curious, something that is very much sought after in the kitchen.

finished recipe of pizza with minced meat

Spicy Minced Meat Pizza

Simple pizza recipe with spicy minced meat. It is the best option to enjoy pizza, making it each one to your liking.

finished recipe of rabbit with prawns

Rabbit with Prawns

Recipe for rabbit with prawns, simple and quick to make. The prawns are flamed so that they taste better with the cognac. Rabbit is a healthy meat that should be consumed, due to its low fat, as long as it is not overcooked.

finished recipe of homemade meatloaf

Home made meat balls

Homemade meatloaf recipe, now they can be combined with other ingredients or tasted like this. It is simple to make and can be made with various types of meat.

Mexican food


This weekend we have decided to cook typical Mexican food. Perhaps many and many of you are used to eating the typical "Mexican" fajitas ...

clam recipe with hot sauce

Clams with Hot Sauce

Recipe for a possible appetizer based on clams with hot sauce. I prepare it with cayenne but it can also be done without so that it does not bite, that depends on the consumer. It is quick to prepare.

recipe for pork trotters with scampi

Pig's Trotters with Scampi

Pork trotters with scampi recipe. It is simple to do, but it takes some time to cook the hands well, the other steps are quick. It is a peculiar dish that I love.

chocolate desserts

Chocolate sponge cake recipe.

Surely you already know the recipe for the yogurt cake. Simple, easy and very attractive. Well, to make it something "different", we have added ...

cockle recipes

Cockles in sauce

Cockles are mollusks very rich in iron, a very important mineral in the athlete's diet, both to avoid anemia, and to ...

vegetable-based skewer: zucchini and aubergine

Zucchini and Eggplant Skewers

Vegetable-based recipe: zucchini, eggplant. It is simple to make and delicious to taste. It is also a special way of presenting vegetables to children.

fried turnips fresh from the oil on kitchen paper

Fried turnips

Rich and simple fried turnips, a simple way to offer vegetables to the little ones in the house. Also, with the shape similar to French fries, it is easier to "camouflage".


Cheese Souffle

Soufflé is a light dish, prepared on the basis of beaten egg whites mixed with other ingredients. The souffle ...

rich fish recipe, pickled, with garlic, bay leaf and paprika

Marinated Mackerel

A different way of preparing fish. Pickled mackerel, easy to prepare and delicious, based on garlic, parsley, vinegar, oil, bay leaf and logically mackerel.

Chocolate brownie

Chocolate brownie

The brownie is a chocolate cake with walnuts, the result of a culinary accident, a mistake made by a chef who ...

simple recipe for glasses or puff pastry palms

Puff Pastry Glasses

Simple recipe for glasses or puff pastry palms. The ingredient is puff pastry and maybe a little sugar. You can add other ingredients such as chocolate to cover them and give them a different touch.

potatoes with garlic and vinegar, easy and quick to make

Potatoes to the Poor

Potatoes a lo poor, simple recipe and quick recipe, based on potatoes, garlic and vinegar. It is very simple and combines with other delicacies without problem and is that the speed in the stove, unfortunately, today is very important